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HOUSE BIRD CEDAR WREN         Heath PMG-1 Purple Martin Gourds Hiatt 38149 Stokes Wren And Chickadee House
North States Wren House, 6 in Overall Length, 7-1/4 in Overall Width, 6-1/4 in Overall Height, Cedar Wood, Includes: (2) Screw Eye Hole Heath Gourd Purple Martin House, Hanging, Large, Single Room, Hole Door, White Hiatt Wren/Chickadee House, Hanging, 8 in Overall Length, 6-3/4 in Overall Width, 6-1/4 in Overall Height, Cedar Wood, Purple
HOUSE BAT WOOD                Purple Martin PMD-1 Decoy Purple Martin 30006R Non-Translucent Bird House
North States Bat House, Deluxe, Heavy Duty, 20 - 25 Brown Bats Capacity, 5-1/4 in Overall Length, 9 in Overall Width, 12 in Overall Height, Cedar Wood, Includes: Interesting Bat Facts Label Purple Martin Decoy, Plastic, Purple Martin, 7 in, Includes: Instructions and Mounting Hardware Purple Martin Bird House, Non-Translucent, Purple Martin
Purple Martin MP-15-4 Telescoping Pole Purple Martin 30008R Non-Translucent Bird House Hiatt 38078 Stokes Bluebird Houses
Purple Martin Telescoping Pole, Heavy Duty, Steel, Purple Martin, Suitable For Use With: Heath Purple Martin Houses, 15 ft, Galvanized, Includes: Ground Socket Purple Martin Bird House, Non-Translucent, Purple Martin, Almond Hiatt Bluebird House, Hanging, 8.3 in Overall Length, 7.1 in Overall Width, 12.8 in Overall Height, Cedar Wood
Purple Martin MP-15G Gourd Pole Purple Martin PH-12 Bird House 21 in W X 18 in H Purple Martin AH-12D Deluxe Bird House
Purple Martin Gourd Pole, Steel, Purple Martin, 15 ft, Includes: Aluminum Rods Purple Martin Bird House, Plastic, Purple Martin, 21 in Overall Width, 18 in Overall Height, Pop Up Door, Green Floor/White Wall, Includes: (2) Story and (12) Room House Purple Martin Bird House, Deluxe, Aluminum, Purple Martin, 6 in Overall Length, 12 in Overall Width, 14 in Overall Height, Light Green Roof/White Sides, Includes: Door Stops and Protective Rails
Heath Outdoor BAT-1 Bat House Purple Martin M-12DP Deluxe Bird House
HOUSE BAT - Case of 4
Our Price: $157.56
Heath Outdoor Bat House, Cedar, Heath Outdoor, 25 Bats Capacity, 11-1/2 in Overall Length, 2-1/2 in Overall Width, 16-1/4 in Overall Height, Includes: Pre-Drilled Holes Purple Martin Bird House, Deluxe, Redwood/Cedar, Purple Martin, 2-3/4 in Overall Length, 2-3/4 in Overall Width, 10 in Overall Height, Brown, Includes: Heath Base Plate and (12) Rooms