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32 Port Cat5 KVM IP Switch 32 Port Cat5 KVM IP Switch

32-port NetCommander Cat5 IP KVM Switch is the optimal solution for remote control of multiple computers/servers by up to 3 (1 Local and 2 Remote) independent, simultaneous users. A single unit occupies a mere 1U of rack space, yet can control up to 32 directly connected computers. Connected computers/servers can be located up to 100 ft. from the KVM switch, with support for video resolutions up to 1920 x 1080 @ 60Hz. A full-screen graphical OSD with multi-level authentication (Administrator and User) allows you to quickly and efficiently manage your installation. The OSD includes a range of settings for system configuration that allow you to add accounts, customize account access, install a SSL certificate, backup and restore system settings, upgrade firmware, and more. Accessing the connected computers is a breeze; a wide range of video and mouse sync settings ensure optimal remote session performance in any situation. In addition to ports for computers/servers, two serial ports are provided for the connection and control of serial manageable devices such as PDU's, firewalls, and routers. IP PDU's can be added as devices to be controlled by the KVM, and individual KVM ports can be assigned to a PDU port, giving you the ability to Power Cycle or Power Off/On the computer/server connected to that port. Other features include dual power supplies, dual ethernet ports, SNMP messaging, and a log that records the events that take place on the installation. Constructed of heavy-duty steel housing.

Our Price: $2,181.18

FACTORY DIRECT ONLY B072-032-IP2-K 32-Port, 2+1 User NetCommander Cat5 IP KVM Switch with Sixteen USB Dongles. Simultaneous support for 3 users (1 local, 2 remote). Java-based application allows for control of a target server via web browser from any location over a secure IP connection. Remote authentication support - RADIUS and LDAP/S. Dual Serial Ports - Connect serial manageable devices such as PDU's, firewalls, and routers. Dual Ethernet and Power provides redundancy in the event of a crash.

Our Price: $3,214.13
40Port KVM over IP Switch 40Port KVM over IP Switch

2 Remote & 1 Local simultaneous users, 40Port Cat5 FHD IP KVM with Virtual Media and Dual Power Supply

Our Price: $4,608.78