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Digital to Analog Audio Cnvtr Digital to Analog Audio Cnvtr

Converts digital audio to analog L/R stereo

Our Price: $30.00
Home Theater Wallplate White Home Theater Wallplate White

The Home Theater Plate (HTP-7.2) is a double-gang in-wall connection plate designed to allow easy hookup of all the speakers in a 5.1, 6.1 or 7.1-channel surround sound system. It includes terminals for up to seven speakers, and two powered/active (low level) subwoofers. Its Decora design allows for each half to be used independently if desired, for two single-gang plates, one with 4 pairs of stereo binding posts and one with 3 pairs and a pair of RCA jacks. The heavy-duty plates support the weight of high-quality wires, and each connection is clearly labeled. The 7/16 gold-plated binding posts make for easy and secure connections, and the captured posts won't turn while they are being tightened. The 5-way binding posts have gold plating to resist corrosion and can accept the following: bare or tinned wire up to 12 gauge in thickness, pins, spade lugs, and single or double banana plugs. The powered subwoofer connections use high quality RCA connectors. Be sure to use only those connectors that are approved for audio or low voltage use in your area.

Our Price: $40.00
3.2 Automatic AB Selector 3.2 Automatic AB Selector

The Russound AB-3.2 Automatic A/B Selector is an affordable solution for automatic switching between two amplified sources to a single set of speakers. This allows you to use one set of speakers in a given location for two different sources such as a television and a multiroom audio system.

Our Price: $81.25
VGA to HDMI Converter VGA to HDMI Converter

The VGA to HDMI converter is the right solution for connecting a PC to newer monitors or TVs that do not have an HD15 (VGA) input. With an added 3.5mm audio connection, enjoy high definition video and audio. The converter is simple to use with no software or drivers required. Simply connect the converter and begin enjoying PC content on your display. This is the ideal solution for viewing PC content on HDMI-enabled monitors

Our Price: $90.88
Dual Link DVI Mini DP Converte Dual Link DVI Mini DP Converte

Dual Link DVI to Mini DP Converter

Our Price: $158.75
C Series 2 Gang Keypad C Series 2 Gang Keypad

C-SERIES 2-GANG KEYPAD (NON ERP COMPLIANT)... The MDK-C6 Multiline Display Keypad is a wall-mounted, standard fit, double-gang keypad for C-Series Controller Amplifiers. The keypad's gray scale LCD screen displays real-time information including playlist, channel, artist, song title, genre and more when used with Russound Smart Sources. Responsive hard buttons offer access to virtually every system feature and source control function. The buttons and screen brightness are adjustable and can be dimmed at the owner's discretion.  Replaces model MDKC5

Our Price: $261.25