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FROG Tape 1.88X60 YD Single pk FROG Tape 1.88X60 YD Single pk

Single pack of FROG TAPE 1.88" x 60 yards Green Multi-surface Masking Tape

Our Price: $12.50
PS 15A 4Way Dec Switch Brz PS 15A 4Way Dec Switch Brz

Pass & Seymour TradeMaster 15Amp 4-Way Decorator Switch Dark Bronze:  Our complete line of P&S Decorator devices combine today's design aesthetics with ease of installation, reliability and performance that never goes out of style. The smooth rocker action and dark bronze finish offer a cool way to complement your home.  CSA Listing: C22.2 111, UL20,

Our Price: $12.50
PS 15A 4Way Dec Switch Nickel PS 15A 4Way Dec Switch Nickel

Pass & Seymour TradeMaster 15Amp 4-Way Decorator Switch Nickel:  Our complete line of P&S Decorator devices combine today's design aesthetics with ease of installation, reliability and performance that never goes out of style. The smooth rocker action and dark bronze finish offer a cool way to complement your home.  CSA Listing: C22.2 111, UL20,

Our Price: $12.50
Painters Mate MaskingTape 6pk Painters Mate MaskingTape 6pk

0.94" x 60 yard Painter's Mate Green Masking Tape, 6 pack, 8CC

Our Price: $12.73
FROG Tape 1.88X60 YD FROG Tape 1.88X60 YD

Single pack of FROG TAPE 1.88" x 60 yards Yellow Delicate Masking Tape

Our Price: $12.82
2lb Sure Strike Drilling Hammr 2lb Sure Strike Drilling Hammr

2 lb Sure Strike fiberglass drilling hammer

Our Price: $13.13
4 in 1  Car Escape Tool 4 in 1 Car Escape Tool

Don't become a statistic, be prepared - the 4-in-1 Emergency Car Rescue Tool has all you need to give you peace of mind while on the road. This multi-faceted tool stores easily in your car's console or door panel and is compact enough to carry with you.    - Hammer style glass breaker shatters vehicle's side windows  - Safety guarded razor blade cuts through seat belts  - Flashing red hazard light on body can be mounted to side of car to alert passing cars  - Three bright white LEDs illuminate dark spaces or to see during the night

Our Price: $13.13
HP260 Pckgng Tape 4pkDisp Clr HP260 Pckgng Tape 4pkDisp Clr

Duck Brand HP260 Packaging Tape with dispenser, 1.88 inches by 60 yard, 4 roll pack, Clear Duck HP 260 High Performance Packaging Tape was designed to meet the demands of both heavy duty box shipping and long-term storage applications. This super thick 3.1 mil commercial grade packaging tape bonds quickly and permanently in wide temperature ranges (14 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit). And, as compared to hot melt tapes, you could say that when rubber meets the road, acrylic travels better in extreme conditions. Since 1997, millions of packages sealed with acrylic HP260 High Performance Packaging Tape have withstood rough handling and the extreme conditions of hot and cold planes, trains, trucks and warehouses to arrive securely at their destinations - signed, sealed and delivered! Now that's real world holding power in real world conditions! 3.1 mil thick super high performance packaging tape Meets postal regulations Ultraviolet resistance eliminates yellowing and increases shelf life. Clear.

Our Price: $13.32
BD Stud Sensor BD Stud Sensor

From Black & Decker, detects wood studs up to 3/4" thick.  For ease of use, sensor lights and beeps when stud is detected.  Requires two AA batteries (included).  Use for detecting wood studs. Orange with Black

Our Price: $13.38
BD Alkaline Drill Driver BD Alkaline Drill Driver

Black & Decker Cordless Screwdriver easily switches to manual screwdriving for more control. Easily switch from driving to removing screws with forward/reverse switch. It can be stored on pegboard using integrated peg hole.  Comes with double-ended screwdriving bit (Phillips / Flat) and (4) AA Batteries.

Our Price: $13.63
Travel Charge Compan  GO Plus2 Travel Charge Compan GO Plus2

The Companion GO-Plus2 comes with 2 DC sockets and 2 USB power ports allowing you to use your car cigarette lighter to charge more than one portable electronic device at the same time. Now you can also charge your mobile phone, MP3 player, or tablet/e-reader while using your GPS on the go. Simply plug in and use!    Features  Swivel plug allows for optimal positioning  Compatible with most 12V or 24V appliances & USB devices  LED power indicator  Specifications  DC Input: 12V/24V  DC Output: 12V/24V  USB Output: 5V, shared 2.1A  8A Fuse Protection  Instruction Manual

Our Price: $13.75
Travel Charge Companion GO3 Travel Charge Companion GO3

Travel Charge Companion GO 3 has 3 USB power ports to recharge your tablets/e-readers and 1 smartphone or other mobile devices.  Compact-fits in your pockets!  Compatible with most 12V vehicles such as cars, trucks, RVs, and boats.  Fused overload protection.  Swivel head to optimize accessibility as DC socket locations vary from car to car.  Power indicator Dimensions WxLxH (in.): 2.2 x 4.3 x 1.1.  Weight: 0.4 lbs (5.6 oz).  DC Input: 12V.  USB Output: 5V, 2x 2.4A, 1x 1.0A (29W, 5.8A total).  Fuse protection: 5A. Gray/White.

Our Price: $13.75
3lb Sure Strike Drilling Hammr 3lb Sure Strike Drilling Hammr

3 lb Sure Strike fiberglass drilling hammer

Our Price: $13.75
SS Automatic Center Punch SS Automatic Center Punch

Deliver a high impact strike with a single push - the Utility Automatic Center Punch has one hand operation. No hammers needed! Mark, scribe,  punch and start drill, nail or screw holes with ease.    - Sharp, hardened alloy steel point  - Ball bearing mechanism for smooth operation  - Rust proof, stainless steel body with knurling for extra grip  - Can be used for vehicle emergencies as side window glass breaking tool

Our Price: $13.75
Angle izer Template Tool Angle izer Template Tool

Save yourself time and effort by using the Angle-izer template tool! Perfect for professionals, weekend warriors and DIY-ers, this tool utilizes four adjustable double sided rulers to create a custom stencil for each job. Each arm is dual calibrated in inches and centimeters, and laser engraved to withstand even the harshest job site. The Angle-izer will eliminate tedious, repetitive measurements and reduce wasted materials made from inaccurate cuts. It?s the most versatile tool you can own! Yellow

Our Price: $14.07
WW Indoor 24Hr Digit Timer 2pk WW Indoor 24Hr Digit Timer 2pk

Southwire / Woods Wire 50007 Indoor Digital 24-Hour Slim Fit Timer automatically turns lamps, fans, holiday lights and other electrical devices on and off at programmed times. With a 2 pack of timers, use one for each outlet and maximize your indoor holiday and lighting needs. The slim design does not block the open outlet and two timers can fit one receptacle. Features include a simple push-button programming and warm neutral color pallet to match today's home interior. During power outages this timer retains its settings with a self-charging battery backup. This timer is compatible with compact fluorescent lighting, LED bulbs and CSA certified for quality assurance. The Woods brand of timers and home controls bring simplicity to your life, by maximizing convenience, security and energy savings. Self recharging battery. White.

Our Price: $15.25
WW 50' SJTW Orange Extension C WW 50' SJTW Orange Extension C

Southwire / Woods 16/3 50' SJTW Orange Extension Cord with Vinyl jacket resists moisture, abrasion and prolonged exposure to sunlight. Reinforced blades help prevent accidental bending or breaking. Molded plugs and heavy-duty strain relief protects electrical connections resulting in longer cord life. Outer jacket won't mark floors or walls. Applications: General Indoor/Outdoor Cord for power equipment.  Industry Approvals:  UL/ cUL/ ETL Listed / Meets OSHA requirements for Outdoor use.

Our Price: $15.63
8" Rock Chisel Grip 8" Rock Chisel Grip

8" Rock Chisel with vinyl handle.

Our Price: $15.94
Cordless Engraver w Bit Cordless Engraver w Bit

Personalize all types of valuables, tools and belongings with this compact engraver. Engrave initials onto phone chargers, tools, and toys,  or create delicate designs onto glass jars or jewelry. No cords or chargers to get in your way. Your markings are pemanent - no more markers or labels necessary. From DIYers, homeowners or professionals, this is a must-have tool.    - Diamond tipped bit for smooth engraving  - Safe fingertip controlled on/off switch  - Compact, cordless design for easy manuvering  - 20,000 RPM motor to engrave glass, metal, ceramic and plastic  - 2 AAA batteries included

Our Price: $16.25
3 in 1 Kitchen Timer 3 in 1 Kitchen Timer

Timer is ideal for use as a kitchen timer (i.e egg timer), laundry, gym routines, childrens homework, physical therapists, nurses, general office use, beauty salon and classroom timer activities.     - Extra large display and buttons for high visibility  - Customizeable alerts and on/off switches  - Choose some or all of of the alert capabilties - red flaser, loud alarm, and vibration  - Multiple time settings - from 0 to 19 hours, 59 minutes or 0 to 19 minutes, and 59 seconds  - Magnetic back with stand and clip for high portability  - Batteries included (2 AAA)

Our Price: $16.25
Roofing Siding Contractor Bar Roofing Siding Contractor Bar

Pro-Claw Roofing, Siding Construction Bar (3-in-1) is truly a unique patented roofing, siding, contractor bar. Drop forged from fine tool steel, one end has a thin blade with a 2-1/2" fulcrum giving it a higher lift than other bars. For removing shingles, downspouts, gutters and nails with ease. The other end has a Japanese pattern nail puller with rounded head to improve leverage and pull even the most difficult nails.

Our Price: $17.19
Cordless Precision Screwdriver Cordless Precision Screwdriver

The Cordless Power Precision Screwdriver has an ergonomic handle and strong battery-power - making this electric screwdriver perfect for commercial and home applications. Use on computers, electronics, industrial applications, hobbies, crafts and more. The super-torque drive applies more than 100 rpm and comes with six popular bits - great for handling tiny screws in tight places    - Simple forward/reverse toggle switch activates 100+ RPM motor  - 6 bits included in hard rubber bit holder: Phillips #0 and #1; Slotted 1/8 and 1/16 in.; and Torx T5 and T6  - Quick-change chuck makes changing bits quick and easy - compatible for any 4 mm hex bit  - Compact and cordless design ideal for precision applications  - 2 AAA batteries included

Our Price: $17.19
100' Xtra Cushion Bubble Wrap 100' Xtra Cushion Bubble Wrap

Duck Brand Extra Cushion Bubble Wrap - Clear, 12 inches by 100 feet Not all bubbles are created equal! Bubble Wrap brand cushioning is a "pop" above its many imitators due to Barrier Bubble technology, a nylon layer that helps prevent air loss. Bubble Wrap provides surface protection and cushioning and conforms easily around items. The extra large 5/16 inch bubbles are ideal for wrapping your fragile items. The roll is perforated every 12 inches for easier handling.  "If it doesn't say Bubble Wrap, it isn't the real thing!"

Our Price: $17.44
Duck 3" HiPerformPckgngTape6pk Duck 3" HiPerformPckgngTape6pk

Duck HD Clear Heavy Duty Packaging Tape, 6-pack, 3" x 54.6 yards.

Our Price: $17.50
5" Digital Angle Finder Rule 5" Digital Angle Finder Rule

Measure interior and exterior angles quickly and accurately with a Digital Angle Finder and Rule! Great for DIYers and woodworkers - find and set angles for flooring, crown molding, and miter saws.    - Lock and reverse-angle features for all types of work  - 360-degree hinge mechanism for easy inside, outside and reverse measurements  - Measurements can be zeroed at any point in swing  - Large easy-to-read LCD display  - Stainless steel arms etched in inch and millimeter graduations

Our Price: $18.75
25' Replacement Hose Black 25' Replacement Hose Black

25 foot thermoplastic hose. Rated to 3600 PSI. Compatible with Vitality electric pressure washer. Fits most power washer brands. Includes adapters for compatability with quick-connect and M22 adapters. M22 female threaded fittings. Black - also replaces the 86411370

Our Price: $19.13
5 Pc Quick Connect Nozzles 5 Pc Quick Connect Nozzles

Karcher's 5 Piece Quick-Connect Spray Nozzle Kit - Includes 0 , 15 , 25 , 40  and Soap Nozzles, Color Coded, Max 4000 PSI. FEATURES: Works with 1/4" female quick connect wands. Allows you to match the right nozzle to pressure washer. Works with pressure washers up to 4000 PSI.

Our Price: $19.38
Universal Rotating Wash Brush Universal Rotating Wash Brush

Karcher's universal rotating wash brush for gas pressure washers. FEATURES: Made with super soft synthetic bristles to safely clean painted, topcoat and delicate surfaces. Water pressure-driven rotating brush gently removes stubborn dirt, grime and road film. Automatically dispenses detergent, with adjustable flow dial. Ideal for use on cars, trucks, SUV's, RV's, boats, pools, patio furniture and more! A 1/4" Quick Connection, which works with Karcher and many pressure washer brands. Black/Yellow.

Our Price: $19.38
Duck Invisible Tape Clear 8pk Duck Invisible Tape Clear 8pk

Duck HP260 Clear Invisible High-Performance Packaging Tape 8-pack, 1.88" x 60 yards.

Our Price: $19.50
12V Power Vacuum Auto 12V Power Vacuum Auto

The Auto-Vac features a powerful 100 watt motor that can handle life's messes. Perfect for families, teens, travelers, truckers, or anyone who needs a quick and convenient way to clean the interior of their vehicle, camper, tent, or RV! The Wagan tech Auto-Vac is perfect for cleaning messy areas. Plug the Auto-Vac into your vehicle's 12V DC Socket, turn the power switch to the On position, and begin to vacuum up the mess. To clean out the Auto-Vac, simply remove the front cover, pull out the filter screen, and dump the contents into the trash. Re-assemble in reverse order and the Auto-Vac is ready for the next mess! Quick List of Features: 100 Watts of Suction Power,  Most Powerful Unit in the Market, Easily Disassembled, Reusable Filter, Crevice Tool included, Brush Included, 11 foot cord, Small and Powerful, Easily stored in small spaces. Yellow.

Our Price: $19.82