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Mighty Mule FM132 Gate Push Button Control Mighty Mule FM132 Gate Push Button Control, For Use With All Model Gate Openers

Wire this unit push button directly to your gate opener for simple open/close/stop operation from up to 1,000 ft. (304.8 m) away. Uses 16 gauge, multi-stranded, dual conductor. Low voltage wire (RB509).

Our Price: $11.09
GTO FM133 Front Mount Pinlock GTO FM133 Front Mount Pinlock

Substiture the pin lock for the clevis pin at the front mounting point of the Mighty Mule swing gate openers to help prevent theft of the opener arm and unauthorized visitors from manually opening the gate. Also used to secure the quick chain release on the Mighty Mule slide gate opener to prevent unwanted manual access.

Our Price: $32.39
Mighty Mule FM150 Maintenance Free Replacement Battery Mighty Mule FM150 Maintenance Free Replacement Battery, For Use With FM500, FM700 Gate Openers

This 12 volt, 7.0 amp-hour, maintenance-free battery is the replacement or 2nd back-up battery for the FM500/FM502 Mighty Mule gate openers.

Our Price: $33.99
Mighty Mule FM135 Single Button Gate Entry Transmitter Mighty Mule FM135 Single Button Gate Entry Transmitter, For Use With Visor of Vehicles

Includes a visor clip and has adjustable code settings. This is the standard transmitter that is included in every Mighty Mule gate opener kit.

Our Price: $34.09
Mighty Mule FM134 Dual Button Gate Entry Transmitter Mighty Mule FM134 Dual Button Gate Entry Transmitter, For Use With Gate and Garage Door Opener

Same as the standard Mighty Mule entry transmitter with the addition of a key chain and a second button. Both buttons are programmable to control multiple gate openers on different gates and/or garage door openers. Requires SO RB709U-NB garage door receiver.

Our Price: $46.79
GTO FM231 Driveway Alert GTO FM231 Driveway Alert, Wireless

The wireless driveway alarm alerts you when a vehicle enters or exits your property. When a vehicle passes the sensor, the indoor receiver emits a chime. It has a wireless range of 400' (121.9 m) and will not be activated by people, animals or wind. The indoor receiver can be mounted on a table or on the wall. Multiple indoor receivers (up to 3) can be added for more convenience. Detects moving vehicles; not a motion sensor.

Our Price: $93.99
Mighty Mule FM121 Solar Panel Kit Mighty Mule FM121 Solar Panel Kit, For Use With Mighty Mule or GTO/Pro Automatic Gate Systems, 5 W

The Solar panel charging kit is for area where AC power is not available to charge the 12 volt battery (more than 1,000 ft. away from gate) or where solar power is preferred. Kit includes all necessary mounting hardware and low voltage wire. Dual gates require a minimum of 10 watts (up to 30 watts for optimal operation).

Our Price: $170.29
Mighty Mule FM143 Gate Lock Mighty Mule FM143 Automatic Gate Lock, For Use With 8 ft Long Gates Leaf Over, Steel, Zinc Plated

The automatic gate lock secures the leading edge of single or dual gates in the closed position. Use with Mighty Mule system for maximum stability and security; it unlocks and locks automatically as gates open and close. Highly recommended for gates over 8' (2.4 m) long or in high wind areas. Comes with a keyed manual release for emergencies.

Our Price: $207.49
Mighty Mule FM138 Electronic Magnetic Driveway Vehicle Sensor Mighty Mule FM138 Auto Direct Burial Electronic Magnetic Driveway Vehicle Sensor

Simply drive past the vehicle sensor and your gate will open automatically; allowing friends, family and delivery personnel to exit the property without the need of their own transmitter or your supervision. The vehicle sensor is designed to be buried alongside the driveway and wires to your gate opener control on board with 50' (15.2 m) of direct burial cable (included). People and animals will not activate the electromagnetic sensor; its detection radius is up to 12' (3.7 m).

Our Price: $239.09
GTO RB509 Low Voltage Wire GTO RB509 Low Voltage Wire, For Use With FM700 and FM702 Gate Opener Systems

1,000 ft. of 16 gauge, stranded, dual conductor, low voltage wire is for connecting the AC powered transformer, solar panel or wired accessories to the system's control board. This specially designed wire is UV treated, PVC coated and ready for direct burial.

Our Price: $268.09
GTO FM200 Single Swing Gate Opener Kit GTO FM200 Single Swing Gate Opener Kit, 12 ft, 30 lb

The Mighty Mule light duty, single, swing gate opener can be used on all types of lightweight gates including vinyl, tube, steel, chain link or wood gates. Not applicable for gates that open away from the property. The FM200 battery can be charged by either a low voltage transformer (included) or optional solar charger kit(s). Requires an automotive or deep-cycle marine type battery with weatherproof case (not included). Capacity: up to 12' or 200 lbs.

Our Price: $311.99