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SEALER PRUNING AERO 13OZ      Spectracide HG-69000 Pruning Sealer, 13 oz, Aerosol Can, Pressurized Liquid, Black, Asphalt (Slight), Spray

A flexible sealant with multiple outdoor uses; protects trees and shrubs from diseases that can enter through pruned areas; can also use it to seal clay pots, wooden planters, rain gutters and even small sections of an asphalt driveway; coats the underside of a lawn mower deck to protect against debris damage; comes in an easy-to-use spray can and creates a flexible seal that won't crack.

Our Price: $6.59
Bonide 225 Pruning Sealer Bonide 225 Pruning Sealer, 1 pt, Liquid, Black, Petroleum Solvent

Breathable wound dressing for pruned, grafted or damaged plants. Protects from insect and disease.

Our Price: $10.59
Bonide 221 Pruning Sealer Bonide 221 Pruning Sealer, 14 oz, Liquid, Black, Petroleum Solvent, Spray

Protective seal for pruned, grafted or damaged trees, roses or shrubs. Contains antiseptic and sealant to keep out infection and insects. Will not burn or run. Useful on waterproof planting pots, wooden tubs, canvas.

Our Price: $10.59