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Spectracide HG-95830 Hose End Insect Killer Spectracide HG-95830 Concentrated Hose End Insect Killer, 32 oz Bottle, Straw, Liquid

Spectracide Hose End Insect Killer, Concentrated, Spectracide, 32 oz Capacity, Bottle Packing, Composition: Gamma-Cyhalothrin, Liquid, Straw, Slight Odor, 5120 sq-ft Coverage, Application Method: Spray, 95 % VOC, 5 - 6 pH, 200 deg F Flash Point, 1 Specific Gravity

Our Price: $9.49
INSECT KILLER LAWN 32OZ RTS   Bayer Advanced 700280B 2-Way Insect Killer, 32 oz Container, White to Light Beige, Liquid

Bayer Advanced Insect Killer, Series: Complete, 2-Way, 32 oz Capacity, Container, Composition: 0.36% ?-Cyfluthrin, 0.72% Imidacloprid, 98.92% Other Ingredients, Liquid, White to Light Beige, Characteristic Odor, 5334 sq-ft Coverage, Application Method: Spray, 4.5 - 6.2 pH, 93.3 Deg C Flash Point, Standards: EPA 72155-29, For Lawns, Ground Covers, Flowers, Trees, Shrubs and Along Building Foundations

Our Price: $15.29
YARDSPRY KILLER FLEA/TICK 32OZ Black Flag HG-11105 Concentrated Flea/Tick Killer, 32 oz Can, Light-Yellow to Water-White, Liquid

Black Flag Flea/Tick Killer, Concentrated, 32 oz Capacity, Can, Composition: 2.50% Permethrin, 97.50% Other, Liquid, Light-Yellow to Water-White, Aromatic Solvent (Slight) Odor, 5000 sq-ft Coverage, Application Method: Spray, 5 - 6 pH, > 200 Deg F Flash Point, 1.0011 Specific Gravity, Used On Lawns and Shrubs

Our Price: $17.69