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Gilmour 200GTM Mechanical Single Outlet Water Timer Gilmour 200GTM Mechanical Single Outlet Water Timer, 120 min

Continuous watering up to 120 minutes. Full flow outlet for more sprinkler performance. Swivel nut for easy connection. Double outlets can be used at the same time. Works with water pressure ranging from 15 to 120 psi. Rubber overmold dial for better gripping. Easy to read top-view settings. Manual on/off. Works with "My Design" sprinkler kits. Not for use with hot water.

Our Price: $17.79
Mintcraft GS5613L Lawn/Garden Water Timers MintCraft GS5613L Weatherproof Mechanical Watering Timer, 2 hr

Watering time up to two hours. Dial can be set to manual operation at any time. Easily attaches to outdoor faucet. High-impact weatherproof plastic.

Our Price: $20.89
WaterMaster 62040 Hose End Water Timer WaterMaster 62040 Automatic Hose End Water Timer, 2 - 120 min

Water controller and valve combination. Standard 3/4" and 3/4" BSP (international) hose thread connections. Water-resistant design. 10 watering interval options, from every 2 hours to once a week. Up to four start times per day. Manual on feature for quick temporary watering. High quality diaphragm valve. Latching solenoid uses very little power to open and close the valve.

Our Price: $31.69
Rain Drip R675CT Lawn/Gardenwater Timers Raindrip R675CT 3-Dial Automatic Water Timer, 1 Zone, 120 min

Automatic water timer includes a universal fitting for drip tubing. Features a timed rain delay to pause automatic watering for up to 72 hours and an automatic timed manual watering feature that allows it to resume watering once manual cycle ends without losing the programmed settings. Easy to program and attaches to any outdoor faucet, standard drip tubing or garden hose. Solenoid and diaphragm valve on/off control. Low battery indicator. Fail safe to off when battery level becomes low. Uses 2 AA batteries (Not Included). Program retains settings when batteries are replaced within 15 seconds after being removed. Requires a minimum of 15 psi for unit to work properly. Depth (in) 3.0, width (in) 6.0, height (in) 10.7 assembled.

Our Price: $33.99

Single outlet to run one hose or watering tool; programmable start time, frequency and duration of watering (1 to 360 minutes); easy to set up, no tools needed; requires (2) AA batteries not included; metal easy-swivel coupling for a quick connection to your spigot and hose.

Our Price: $35.89
Rainbird 1ZEHTMR Electronic Hose End Irrigation Timer Rainbird 1ZEHTMR Electronic Hose End Irrigation Timer, 1 Zone, 6 hr, Wall Mount

Automate your hose end sprinklers, drip irrigation system or soaker hose for better scheduling consistency with this easy to use digital controller. Along with rugged dependability for season long outdoor use. Professional grade functions for worry free watering convenience. Extra large readout screen and programming dial make it easy to set and review your watering schedules. In operation, the screen also displays program status such as next scheduled cycle and time remaining on a current cycle. Advanced features include programming up to 2 watering times per day on any day(s) of the week, plus "water now" and "cancel" buttons to override programs instantly when desired. Specific rain delay up to 96 hours can also be set without affecting the stored program. Intended for outdoor use with cold water only. Working water pressure of 15 psi (min), 90 psi (max). Uses 2 "AA" batteries (Not Included).

Our Price: $45.59

Dual outlets to run two hoses or watering tools simultaneously; programmable start time, frequency and duration of watering (1 to 360 minutes); easy to set up, no tools needed; metal easy-swivel coupling for a quick connection to your spigot and hose; safeguard feature automatically shuts water off when battery is low; Rain Delay feature pauses watering schedules to prevent unnecessary watering; (2) AA batteries not included.

Our Price: $47.99