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Stanley 15-333 Folding Pocket Saw Stanley 15-333 Folding Pocket Saw, 8 in L, 10 PPI

Non-slip grip handle. Folds like a jack knife for safe, easy storage. Accepts standard sabre and reciprocating blades with blade storage in handle.

Our Price: $11.59
Mintcraft C-835-15 Pruning Saws MintCraft C-835-15 Curved Pruning Saw, 15 in L

Curved steel saw blade. Sharp with deep filed teeth. Durable hardwood handle. Overall length 20''.

Our Price: $12.09
Mintcraft FL81-180F Pruning Saws MintCraft FL81-180F Folding Pruning Saw, 7-1/2 in L

High carbon hardened steel blade. Vinyl soft grip handle. Saw tooth design cuts fast and easy. Cuts on the push and pull stroke. Folding blade is ideal for camping or other outdoor uses. Durable handle covers blade when closed. Lightweight and compact to store.

Our Price: $13.49
Fiskars 92576935J Pruning Saws Fiskars Powertooth Sliding Pruning Saw With Carabiner Clip, 7 in L, Triple Ground

Fully hardened, precision-ground steel blade stays sharp, even through heavy use. Ideal for cutting thick branches. Power Tooth blade with razor sharp, triple ground teeth powers through wood faster. Blade locks in two different open positions, optimized for overhand cuts and undercuts. Blade folds and locks for safe storage and transportation. Handle hang hole offers convenient storage. SoftGrip touch points enhance comfort and control.

Our Price: $17.79
Nicholson 80263 Curved Pruning Saw Nicholson 80263 Curved Pruning Saw, 14 in L

For fast cutting of small limbs. Silver steel constructed blade with polished finish. Hang-up hole. Easy-to-grip knife-type wood handle trimmed with aluminum screws. 7 reverse rip points, 9/16" point width, 2-1/2" butt width.

Our Price: $21.79
Corona Clipper RS 7041 Folding Pruning Saw Corona Clipper RS 7041 Folding Pruning Saw, 7 in L

Used for small to medium branches. Replaceable taper-ground folding blade has 3-sided impulse hardened razor teeth for longer life. Cushioned pistol grip with convenient hanging hole.

Our Price: $22.79
Corona Clipper RS 7120 Folding Pruning Saw Corona Clipper RS 7120 Pruning Saw, 13 in L

Used for medium to large branches. Replaceable curved tempered steel alloy blade has 3-sided impulse hardened razor teeth for longer life. Cushioned pistol grip with finger hook.

Our Price: $26.89