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CLIPS MAGNETIC 2 PC           Chef Craft 20858 Magnetic Clip

Chef Craft Magnetic Clip, 3 in Width, For Closing Plastic Bags, Food Stays Fresh Longer With this Clamp that Tightly Seals Bread, Food and Chip Bags

Our Price: $2.49
BAG CLIP MINI 2PC             Chef Craft 21806 Mini Bag Clip, Rubber Tips, Blue-Green

Chef Craft Bag Clip, Mini, Rubber Tips, Blue-Green, For Closing Bags Of Chips and Cereal

Our Price: $2.59
Harold Import 43125 Knife/Tool Holder HIC 43125 Magnetic Knife and Utensil Holder, Hardwood

HIC Magnetic Knife and Utensil Holder, Hardwood, 12 in Length, Includes: Screws, For Stores Chef Knives, Cooking Tools and Kitchen Utensils

Our Price: $16.89