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BOTTLE OPENER 2 PIECE         Chef Craft 21297 Bottle Opener, Steel

Chef Craft Bottle Opener, Steel, Chrome Plated

Our Price: $2.59
Chef Craft 20157 Bottle Opener Chef Craft 20157 Bottle Opener, Steel

Chrome plated steel. Blister pack.

Our Price: $2.89
Screwy Lewy 7036 Jar Opener Screwy Lewy 7036 Jar Opener, Plastic, White

Screwy Lewy Jar Opener, Series: 7036, Plastic, White, 5-1/2 in Diameter

Our Price: $3.69

Removes bottle caps with ease. Use in your kitchen, bar, game room, club house, garage or boat. Enjoy your favorite beverages anywhere. Includes two mounting screws. Aluminum.

Our Price: $4.59
Jar Pop 70712 Jar Opener Jar Pop 70712 Jar Opener, 8.3 in L x 7.3 in W x 1.2 in H, Plastic, Assorted

Use to pop the vac so lids spin free. No twisting or strain. Lids stay re-sealable.

Our Price: $7.59
Good Grips 21181 Jar Opener Good Grips 21181 Jar Opener, 9 in L x 5 in W x 1 in H, Stainless Steel Blade

Simply hold the jar opener by the handle, wedge onto the jar lid, and twist to open. The sharp stainless steel teeth grip the lid firmly, as the soft, non-slip handle cushions your hand and absorbs pressure. Dishwasher safe.

Our Price: $10.19
Grip-EZ 426 Can Opener Grip-EZ 426 Heavy Duty Can Opener, 7-1/2 in L 2-1/4 in H, Stainless Steel

Easy and smooth cutting action makes opening cans fast and effortless. Made of high quality stainless steel. Patented designed Cushion Grip (TradeMark) rubber handle provides a secure, no-slip grip even when wet. Dishwasher safe.

Our Price: $13.19
Good Grips 28081 Can Opener Good Grips 28081 Can Opener, 7 in L x 2 in W x 3 in H, Stainless Steel Blade

Makes opening a can easy on your hands. Big cushioned handles give you extra strength to pierce a can, and the oversized knob turns easily. The sharp cutting blade is made of sturdy stainless steel and the soft, comfortable handles absorb pressure. Also features a built-in bottle cap opener. Not recommended for use in dishwasher.

Our Price: $16.29
CAN OPENER SNAP-LOCK 7X3X2IN  Good Grips 30081 Snap-Lock Can Opener, 3 in L x 2 in W x 7 in H, Stainless Steel, Black

Snap-lock holds can opener in place. A simple press of the lock releases it. Sharp cutting wheel. Contoured turning knob. Hand wash only.

Our Price: $17.39
Good Grips 1049953 Can Opener Good Grips 1049953 Can Opener, 7-1/2 in L x 4-1/2 in W x 2-1/4 in H, Stainless Steel Blade

No sharp edges left on can or lid. Easy-to-turn side-wind grip. Durable stainless steel cutting wheel does not touch can contents and stays clean. Soft, non-slip handles and easy turning knob. Lid pliers for no-touch lid removal. Lid can be replaced on top of can for storage.

Our Price: $24.09
PAD GRIP 5 INCH ROUND TAUPE   Pad Grip 5 Inch Round Taupe - Case of 24

Use to open stubborn lids. For jars of all sizes. 4 piece set. 5.5? round.

Our Price: $81.36
Toolbasix LA20101 Can Piercer/Bottle Opener Can Opener - Case of 80

Shelf Pack of 80 pieces in display canister for marketing as a checkout item. Chrome plated.

Our Price: $151.20