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Chef Craft 20152 Egg Slicer Chef Craft 20152 Egg Slicer, Stainless Steel

Two-way white plastic base, stainless steel wires. Cuts oval or round slices. Blister pack.

Our Price: $2.29
Chef Craft 21370 Pizza Cutter Chef Craft 21370 Pizza Cutter, Stainless Steel, Large

Stainless steel. 1-1/2 inch diameter wheel. Large black handle.

Our Price: $3.09
Chef Craft 20021 Apple Corer/Slicer Chef Craft 20021 Apple Corer/Slicer, Stainless Steel

Stainless steel cutters. Removes core and cuts apple into eight segments. Top rack dishwasher safe.

Our Price: $3.49
OXO 32681 Apple Divider OXO 32681 Apple Divider, Stainless Steel, Soft Comfortable, Non-Slip Grip

Core and slice apples and pears with ease. Soft, wide handles take the pressure off your hands, and sharp, stainless steel blades glide easily through fruit and yield perfect slices. The handles are raised to assure ample clearance between your hands and the table. Perfect for pies, cobbler, or preparing a simple snack. Dishwasher safe.

Our Price: $11.29
OXO 20781 Pizza Cutter OXO 20781 Pizza Cutter, Stainless Steel, Soft Santoprene

Stainless steel pizza wheel. A thumb guard keeps fingers away from the blade for added safety, and a soft handle absorbs pressure while you slice up your pizza. Dishwasher safe.

Our Price: $11.29
SLICER EGG 5MM THICK NONSLIP  OXO 1271080 Egg Slicer, Stainless Steel

Quickly and easily slice hard-boiled eggs into perfect 5 mm slices. Holder cradles egg in two directions for round or oblong slices. Raised handle for easy opening and closing. Non-slip base provides a comfortable grip while slicing over a bowl or plate. Top-rack dishwasher safe.

Our Price: $11.59
Lee 101 Corn Cutter Lee 101 Corn Cutter, Stainless Steel Wood

Use to remove sweet corn from cob quickly and easily. Can be used to prepare whole kernel or cream-style corn for freezing, canning or immediate consumption. Available in original wooden body design or fabricated with stainless steel body. Comes packaged in full color poly bag.

Our Price: $14.09
SLICER CHEESE SS WIRE REPLCBLE OXO 1071567 Cheese Slicer With Replaceable Wires, Die Cast Zinc

Tension wheel lets you tighten wire when loose. Easy wire replacement with one additional stainless steel wire included. Cuts thick or thin cheese slices. Sturdy, die-cast zinc construction. Soft, comfortable handle. Dishwasher safe.

Our Price: $17.39
SLICER MANDOLINE HNDHLD SS BLD OXO 1119100 Hand-Held Mandoline Slicer, Stainless Steel

Three slice thickness settings. Non-slip handle, knob and foot for control. Clear window shows slices below. Slice on cutting board or plate, or hook over a bowl. Food Holder protects hands while slicing. Food Holder also covers blade when not in use. Top-rack dishwasher safe.

Our Price: $17.39
Lee 5402 Corn Cutter Lee 5402 Corn Cutter, Steel

Use to remove sweet corn from cob quickly and easily. Can be used to prepare whole kernel or cream-style corn for freezing, canning or immediate consumption. Available in original wooden body design or fabricated with stainless steel body. Comes packaged in full color poly bag.

Our Price: $22.89
GRATE/SLICE SET CMPLT NONSLIP OXO 1253580 Grate and Slice Set, 2 Cups, Stainless Steel

All-in-one set for a grating and slicing tasks. Features coarse and medium grating surfaces, and straight and julienne slicing surfaces. Coarse grater for semi-soft cheeses, butter, apples, cabbages, potatoes, onions and more. Medium grater for fluffy shavings of hard cheeses, chocolate, carrots, zucchini and more. Slicer yields slices of cucumber, zucchini, cheese and more. Julienne slicer for julienne strips for salads, garnishes and sushi. Lid doubles as container for collecting and measuring food. Color-coded surfaces can be used over bowls or plates for quick jobs. Handles on container provide a secure, comfortable grip while grating or slicing. Non-slip feet keep container and surfaces steady while in use. Slots secure surfaces conveniently inside container. Container features measurement markings. Food holder protects hands and fits neatly in container for storage. Flat top for storage. Dishwasher safe. Dimensions (container): 9" x 3.1" x 3.6". Dimensions (grating surface): 4.25" x 7.4".

Our Price: $33.49
SLICER MANDOLINE 4 V-BLADES   OXO 1155700 V-Blade Mandoline Slicer, Stainless Steel

Sharp, V-shaped blade of hardened stainless steel easily slices both firm vegetables like potatoes and soft fruits like tomatoes. Straight and wavy blades for straight or crinkle cuts. Four adjustable slice thickness settings: 1.5mm, 3mm, 4.5mm and 6mm. Julienne blades for French fries or fine julienne strips. Straight, wavy and julienne blades conveniently store on board and remove for cleaning. Soft handle and turning knob for comfort and non-slip feet for safety. Textured runway keeps food from sticking. Food holder securely holds food and protects fingers. Locks closed and feet fold in for safe and compact storage. Hand wash blades. Mandoline body and food holder are top-rack dishwasher safe.

Our Price: $44.59
SHELLER BEAN/PEA              Lee 600-R Pea/Bean Sheller, Steel

Shells most varieties of peas and beans without damage to edible portions. Tough nylon gears, steel construction and serrated rollers. Equipped with a hand crank and an upper shaft that adapts to your portable hand mixer (Not Included).

Our Price: $55.19
Norpro 5403 Corn Cutter Corn Cutter - Case of 12

For removing corn from the cob for canning, freezing, or cooking.

Our Price: $79.08
FRENCH FRY CUTTER             Weston 36-3501-W Heavy Duty French Fry Cutter, 50 Potatoes/hr, Stainless Steel, Soft-Grip

Restaurant quality french fry cutter. Heavy-duty cast iron with stainless steel components. Disassembles for easy cleaning. Wall or counter mount. Replacement  blade sizes available. Comes with 3/8" blade.

Our Price: $147.29