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POLE CONSUMER 6 FOOT          Unger 978300 Telescopic Pole Consumer, Steel

Unger Telescopic Pole Consumer, Steel

Our Price: $10.49
Unger 962720 Tele-Pole Extension Poles Unger 962720 Professional Extension Pole, 8 ft, Aluminum

Unger Extension Pole, Professional, 8 ft, Aluminum, Includes: Snap-In System Cone Adapter With ACMA Thread, For Residential Applications

Our Price: $20.59
11FT TELESCOPIC POLE TLREACH  Unger 91012 General Purpose Telescopic Pole, 11 ft L, Aluminum

Unger Telescopic Pole, General Purpose, 11 ft Length, Aluminum, For Dusting, Bulb Changing and Squeegees

Our Price: $25.49
Unger 962740 Tele-Pole Extension Poles Unger 962740 2-Stage Professional Telescopic Pole, 12 ft L, Anodized Aluminum

Unger Telescopic Pole, 2-Stage, Professional, 12 ft Length, Anodized Aluminum

Our Price: $33.89
Unger  961880 Extension Poles Unger 961880 3-Stage Professional Telescopic Pole, 6 - 16 ft L, Anodized Aluminum

Unger Telescopic Pole, 3-Stage, Professional, 6 - 16 ft Length, Anodized Aluminum, Includes: Snap-In System Adapter With Thread, For Light Bulb Attachments and Other Cleaning Supplies

Our Price: $37.79
Unger  962780 Extension Poles Unger 962780 2-Stage Lightweight Telescopic Pole, 8 - 20 ft L, Aluminum

Unger Telescopic Pole, 2-Stage, Lightweight, 8 - 20 ft Length, Aluminum, For Indoor and Outdoor Applications

Our Price: $45.49