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Quickie 409 Dust Pan Quickie 409 Dust Pan, 9-1/4 in W x 12.81 in H, Plastic

Snap on dust pan, holds large debris. All plastic construction won't rust or crack, convenient hang up feature for easy storage.

Our Price: $3.29
BROOM BUDDY DUSTPAN           Birdwell Cleaning 028-60 Broom Buddy Dustpan, 10-1/4 in W, For Use With Broom

Wide angled dust pan snaps to broom handle. Comes in assorted colors.

Our Price: $4.69
Quickie 441 Dust Pan Quickie 441 Dust Pan, 11-1/2 in W x 18 in H, Plastic

Extra wide 11? beveled opening.  Snaps onto standard broom handle ? also features hole in handle for hang-up. Plastic.

Our Price: $5.99
DUSTPAN/BRUSH SET             Quickie 402 Utility Dusters, With Dustpan

Flagged fibers on brush gather small particles. All plastic construction will not rust or crack. Brush locks in full-size dust pan to keep set together. Convenient hang-up feature.

Our Price: $6.69
Rubbermaid FG200500 CHAR Dust Pan Rubbermaid FG200500 CHAR Heavy Duty Dust Pan, 12.2 in L x 8.2 in W, Plastic, Charcoal

Heavy-duty injection-molded plastic construction in extra-large size to accommodate large jobs for quick clean-up.

Our Price: $6.89
Mintcraft Pro DL-5004 Dustpans MintCraft DL-5004 Dustpan, 12 in W, Steel, Black

Black powder coated finish, steel material. Thickness: 0.6mm - body, 1mm - handle. 12" wide mouth.

Our Price: $7.79
Fulton 182B-20PK Open Dust Pan 12-3/4 in W x 7-1/2 in H Fulton 182B-20PK Heavy Duty Open Dust Pan 12-3/4 in W x 7-1/2 in H, Steel, Black

Fulton Open Dust Pan, Heavy Duty, 12-3/4 in Width, 7-1/2 in Height, Steel, Black, Enamel Finish, For Industrial, Institutional and Janitorial Use

Our Price: $9.39
Quickie 407-3/6 Dust Pan Quickie 407-3/6 Dust Pan, Steel

Epoxy-coated steel ribbed construction for extra strength. Convenient hang-up feature.

Our Price: $9.49
Quickie 446-3/48 Homepro-Mini Sweep Utility Dusters Quickie 446 Mini Sweep and Dustpan, Plastic/Poly Fiber

Interlocking dust pan and brush in easy to remove design. Ergonomic soft-grip handle and flagged, angled poly fibers for easy sweeping. Convenient hang-up feature.

Our Price: $9.99
DUSTER AND DUSTPAN            Birdwell Cleaning 030-12 Duster and Dustpan With Snap-In Brush, 10-1/4 in W

10-1/2" brush attached. Assorted colors

Our Price: $10.79
Rubbermaid FG9B5900 BLA Dust Pan Rubbermaid FG9B5900 BLA Heavy Duty Dust Pan, 16 in L x 14.8 in W x 5.4 in H, Plastic, Black

Heavy duty plastic construction. For quick clean-ups. Holds ample amounts of dirt and debris.

Our Price: $10.89
Mintcraft Pro DL-5006 Dustpans MintCraft DL-5006 Dustpan, 17 in W, Steel, Black

Black matte grip. Black powder coated finish, steel material. Thickness: 0.6mm - body, 1mm - handle.

Our Price: $12.69
DUST PAN JUMBO 22 INCH        Rubbermaid FG9B6000BLA Hand Held Dustpan, 22 in L x 21-3/4 in W, Plastic, Black

For quick clean-ups. Heavy-duty plastic construction. Ideal for environmental services.

Our Price: $13.79
Fulton 20247 Long Handle Hooded Dust Pan 7 in W x 11-1/2 in H Fulton 20247 Long Handle Hooded Dust Pan 7 in W x 11-1/2 in H, Steel/Rubber, Black

30" wood handle, all steel, rubber edged pan. Baked enamel sandalwood finish. 11-1/2" x 7".

Our Price: $14.99
Quickie 428 Dust Pan Quickie 428 Dust Pan, 17 in W x 18.88 in H, Aluminum

Ribbed construction for extra strength. Large handle for easier lifting of heavy-duty loads.

Our Price: $15.39
DUST PAN 17IN ALUMINUM FINSH  MintCraft DL-5010 Dustpan, 17 in W

Thickness: 1.2mm - body, 1mm - handle.

Our Price: $17.29
DUST PAN UPRIGHT LOBBY BLACK  Rubbermaid FG253120BLA Dustpan, 12.8 in L x 11.3 in W x 5 in H, Black

Durable rear wheels improve wear resistance. Ideal for use in malls, restaurants and lobbies. Will not stain, discolor or absorb odors. 24" handle. 11.3"W x 5"H x 12.8"L.

Our Price: $18.09

Pan width is 24". Holds up to 40 pounds. Hang hole for easy storage. Sturdy ribbed construction for strength. High polished finish for easy clean-up.

Our Price: $18.59
Quickie 495 Dust Pan Quickie 495 Dust Pan, Plastic

Minimizes back strain. Snap locks for easy use and release.  Perfect for large clean-ups at the jobsite, home, garden or warehouse. Reinforced steel handle with ergonomically angled grip.  Pan swivels 90 degrees to hold debris in place while transporting.

Our Price: $19.49
LOBBY DUST PAN WITH WHEELS    MintCraft 2239 Long Handle Dustpan With Wheels, Black

Lobby dustpan with wheels, 30 inch handle, flip-lock mechanism secures dustpan while in use.

Our Price: $20.29
Lobby Pro FG253100 BLA Long Handle Dust Pan Lobby Pro FG253100 BLA Long Handle Dust Pan, 12.8 in L x 11.3 in W x 5 in H, Polypropylene

Durable rear wheels improve wear resistance. For use in malls, restaurants and lobbies. Will not stain, discolor or absorb odors. 5-3/4" x 12" x 36-5/8".

Our Price: $20.39
BROOM LOBBY/DUST PAN FLIP LOCK Quickie 429 Dustpans, Flip-Lock - With Lobby Broom

Flip-lock dust pan & lobby broom. 30" contoured powder coated steel handle. 140 cubic inch dust pan with lip. Lobby broom with 100% split tip poly fiber, 30? steel handle with comfort grip & hang-up feature. Lobby broom and flip-lock dust pan snap together for easy and convenient storage.

Our Price: $21.79
JUMBO LOBBY DUST PAN          MintCraft 8497 Dustpan, 12 in W, Polypropylene Plastic, Metal Handle With Plastic Grip, For Use With Broom

High impact, lightweight, polypropylene plastic. Swivel pan and T-bar can be locked upright for mobility. 12" wide mouth. 22" metal handle with plastic grip.

Our Price: $22.49
Continental 912BK Dust Pan Continental 912BK Dust Pan, 10-3/4 in L x 12 in W x 36-3/4 in H, Plastic, Black

Plastic hopper with strong vinyl coated steel handle. Pan snap-locks in use and releases to dump or carry. Space saving hanger for storage. The true-edge of pan conforms to floor - no need for repeated sweeping. 10 3/4" x 12" x 36 3/4"

Our Price: $24.79
Mintcraft Pro 2033 Dustpans Comm. Duty Snap On Dust Pan - Case of 6

Rubber edge allows easy collection of dirt and debris. Large mouth opening for quick and easy cleanup. Dustpan snaps on to broom handle for easy storage. 14" wide mouth. Ridged edges for cleaning. Made of recycled materials.

Our Price: $35.94
Homebasix 2149 Household Brooms Long Handle Dustpan W/lobby br - Case of 4

Back-saver design allows for easy clean up of dirt and dust with no bending over. Dustpan locks into place while in use and unlocks to fold for easy storage. 9" sweeping range. 7/8" x 36" metal broom handle. Poly dust pan with 10" mouth.

Our Price: $49.16
DUST PAN & BRUSH SET PLASTIC  Dust Pan & Brush Set Plastic - Case of 6

Hooded pan collects dirt, eliminating overspill and full "split-tip" brush picks up every speck of dirt. The soft lip is perfect for picking up the finest dirt particles. Designed with an exclusive patented "no slip" comfort grip and convenient hang up feature. Snaps together for easy storage.

Our Price: $50.94