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Vaughan And Bushnell WB Pros Choice Drywall Hammers Vaughan And Bushnell WB Pros Choice Drywall Hammers, Hickory Handle, 12 Oz Head

Forged from American made, high carbon steel with a fully polished head; the striking face is ground flat on top of the blade to allow nail strikes close to corners; the hardened and tempered blade has 2-1/8? cut with a high density wood handle.

Our Price: $27.79
Marshalltown DH764 Drywall Hammer Marshalltown DH764 Drywall Hammer, 12 oz, 13-1/4 in OAL, Drop Forged Steel

Drop forged head, checkered head design to dimple drywall without tearing the paper; fully polished face. Fired hickory handle.

Our Price: $30.29
Estwing ES-11 Drywall Hammer Estwing ES-11 Drywall Hammer, 11 oz, 13-1/2 in OAL, Solid Steel

Fully polished, forged one piece, solid steel construction to eliminate loose heads. Nylon vinyl deep cushion grip bonded to handle for comfort and durability.

Our Price: $33.39
Marshalltown 800  Drywall Hammers Marshalltown 800 Drywall Hammers, Hickory Handle, 12 Oz Head

Wedge shaped steel blade notched underneath and doubles as a nail puller. Lightweight, balanced with a rounded, checkered head that dimples drywall, setting the nails just below the surface for covering with compound. Hickory handle is offset to eliminate sore knuckles.

Our Price: $40.69