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Touchjet WAVE Tablet TV System

Touchjet WAVE adds Android tablet to your TV and turns it into a touch screen.

Our Price: $287.72
3600 Lumen 800x600

Acer X117H  3600 Lumen 800x600

Our Price: $345.27
PJ S2340 3000lm SVGA

RICOH PJ S2340  3,000lm SVGA Entry Projector with 4,500 Hrs. Standard life, Up to 300" screen

Our Price: $398.98
VS240 SVGA 3LCD Projector

Epson VS240 SVGA 3LCD Projector 3x Higher Color Brightness.  Up to 3x Wider Color Gamut.  Color/White Brightness: 3000 lumens.  SVGA resolution (800x600).  Fast, easy setup with Epson.  HDMI support - HD video/audio.

Our Price: $402.82
3600 Lumen 1024x768

Acer X127H  3600 Lumen 1024x768

Our Price: $413.04
PL S27 SVGA 3LCD 2700 Lumen

PowerLite S27 Projector, SVGA  3LCD  2700 lumens

Our Price: $459.08
VS340 XGA 3LCD Projector

VS340 XGA Projector.  3x Higher Color Brightness and up to 3x Wider Color Gamut with Epson. 2800 lumens color brightness, 2800 lumens white brightness. Fast setup; HDMI connectivity.

Our Price: $481.08
WUXGA 3300 Lumens

WUXGA 3300 Lumens

Our Price: $484.65
PJ X2340 3000lm XGA

RICOH PJ X2340  3,000lm XGA Entry Projector with 4,500 Hrs. Standard life, Up to 300" screen

Our Price: $494.89
PowerLite X27 XGA 2700 Lumens

PowerLite X27 Projector, XGA 2700 lumens

Our Price: $502.57
VS345 WXGA 3LCD Projector

3x Higher Color Brightness1 and up to 3x Wider Color Gamut1 with Epson. 3000 lumens color brightness and 3000 lumens white brightness1. Fast setup; HDMI connectivity. WXGA resolution (1280 x 800). Easy image adjustments and convenient control.

Our Price: $514.70
Touchjet Pond Projector

Touchjet Pond Projector turns any wall, ceiling or floor into an Interactive Touchscreen. It's the first andrroid based device that turns any flat surface into a super-sized touchscreen. A device that fits in the palm of your hand, the Touchjet Pond Projector is ultra-portable and can easily fit in a briefcase, backpack or purse. With the projector, users can interact directly with their photos, videos, games, apps and presentations on a large touch display (up to 80") anywhere they go. Specs:  Brightness - 80 Lumens, Lamp Life - 20,000 hrs, Contrast - 1,000:1, Display - WVGA 0.3" DLP, Native Resolution - 854x480, Aspect Ratio - 16:9 (WGA), Standard Lens - Fixed Focal Length, Max Power - 15 watts, Voltage - 100V-240V, Speakers - Mono.

Our Price: $588.24
XGA 2700 Lumens

PowerLite 97H Projector, XGA 2700 lumens

Our Price: $613.82
Epson PowerLite 1224 Projector

Epson PowerLite 1224 Projector XGA, 3200 Lumens

Our Price: $615.42
XGA 3LCD 3000 Lumens

PowerLite 98H projector, XGA 3000 lumens

Our Price: $670.08
PL W29 WXGA 3LCD 3000 Lumen

PowerLite W29 Projector, WXGA 3LCD 3000 lumens

Our Price: $670.08
PwrLte 1264 Proj WXGA 3200Lum

EPSON PowerLite 1264 Projector WXGA, 3200 Lumens

Our Price: $727.30
LED HD Projector

LED HD, 450 lumens, WiFi, Smart, Magic Remote, Ultra Short Throw, Screen Share, Bluetooth Out Speaker, Built-in Battery (2.5H), MHL, HDMI

Our Price: $753.75
PowerLite 1780W Prjctr 3000Lum

PowerLite 1780W Projector, 3000 lumens, WXGA

Our Price: $815.20
WXGA 3LCD 3000 Lumens

PowerLite 99WH projector, WXGA 3000 lumens

Our Price: $837.60
PwrLte 1284 Proj WUXGA 3200Lu

EPSON PowerLite 1284 Projector WUXGA, 3200 Lumens

Our Price: $895.13
PL 520 3200 lumens XGA

EPSON PowerLite 520 XGA Short Throw Projector, 2700 Lumens

Our Price: $950.13
PJ HDC5420 2500lm HD

RICOH PJ HDC5420  2,500lm HD Standard Projector with 3,000 Hrs. Standard life, 9,000:1 High Contrast Mode, 16:9 Aspect ration, RGBRGB color wheel. Home Theater Model

Our Price: $957.80
WXGA 3LCD 3200 Lumens

PowerLite 955WH projector, WXGA, 3200 lumens, 1.6x optical zoom

Our Price: $1,006.40
XGA 3LCD 3500 Lumens

PowerLite 965H Projector, XGA 3500 lumens native XGA (1024 x 768) resolution and 4:3 format

Our Price: $1,006.40
MovieMate 85HD DVD Projector

MovieMate 85HD Projector, DVD and Music Player Combo.   Experience the ultimate versatility in widescreen, high-def home entertainment with Epson MovieMate 85HD, a powerful projector, DVD and music player combo that brings you brilliant blockbuster performances. Just plug, load and play. Get brilliant, larger-than-life entertainment with 2500 lumens color light output and 2500 lumens white light output, plus 720p widescreen performance. A sleek, portable performer, Epson MovieMate 85HD includes a built-in DVD/CD player and dual Dolby  5.1 Digital DTS  10 W stereo speakers. Add to that its convenient HDMI connectivity and you?ve got everything you need for amazing HD adventures. Epson MovieMate 85HD works with any blank wall or screen and projects DVD movies up to 12 times larger than they would appear on a 40" widescreen TV.

Our Price: $1,020.47
PL 525W 2800 lumens WXGA

EPSON PowerLite 525W WXGA  3LCD Short Throw Projector,  Wide Screen  2800 Lumens

Our Price: $1,061.38
PL 530 3200 lumens XGA

EPSON PowerLite 530 XGA 3LCD Short Throw Projector, Ultra Bright 3200 Lumens

Our Price: $1,061.38
PL 535W 3400 lumens WXGA

EPSON PowerLite 535W WXGA  3LCD Short Throw Projector,  Wide Screen Ultra Bright 3400 Lumens

Our Price: $1,173.92
PowerLite 1785W Prjctr 3200Lum

PowerLite 1785W Projector, 3200 lumens, WXGA

Our Price: $1,195.64