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Our Price: $44.20
350VA 180W UPS


Our Price: $48.20
350VA 180W UPS

Tripp Lite's INTERNET350U standby UPS

Our Price: $51.19
425VA 255W UPS Green

425VA UPS STANDBY GREEN. 425VA 255W GREEN 9OUT 5-15R USB RJ11 MGMT SOFT 3YR - Cyber Power internal part# CP425HG

Our Price: $52.12
350VA EC UPS Standby


Our Price: $52.12
Back UPS 6 Outlets 425VA

APC Back-UPS, 6 Outlets, 425VA, 120V      Replaces BE350G

Our Price: $52.44
350VA UPS Energy Saving Standb

Tripp Lite's ECO350UPS standby GREEN UPS offers complete protection from blackouts, brownouts and transient surges. Supports GREEN energy savings via built-in "ECO" outlets that automatically power off unused computer accessories like printers or multi-media speakers when the computer is not in use. Full load efficiency rating of 99% also offers energy-savings and cooler operation by limiting UPS power consumption to less than 2 watts! Eco-friendly design meets strict RoHS environmental standards. Provides uninterrupted transition to battery-derived AC output during brownouts and power failures with enough runtime to save and shutdown connected equipment without data loss. Offers complete protection in an ultra-compact desktop or wall-mountable housing. Includes 3 battery supported outlets for computer, monitor and one vital system peripheral, plus 3 additional surge suppression-only outlets for accessories not requiring battery support. Two of the surge-only outlets are designated "ECO" outlets that can be configured to automatically power-off when the computer enters standby mode or is shutdown. USB port enables UPS configuration options and unattended system shutdown without data loss in the case of extended power failure. PowerAlert software is available via free download from www.tripplite.com. USB cable included. Built-in single line RJ11 phone suppression protects modem, fax machine, cordless phone or other accessories with a dialup/DSL phone connection. Built-in audible alarm and front panel LEDs offer continuous status information regarding line and battery power operation. 350VA/180 watt power handling ability supports entry-level PC systems for up to 12 minutes during power fail conditions. 2 year warranty. $100,000 connected equipment insurance (USA, Puerto Rico, & Canada Only).

Our Price: $54.15
350VA 180W UPS

Internet Office 350VA 120V UPS 6 outlet (3 surge) DB9 Tel

Our Price: $54.15
125VA Backups Home Network UPS

APC Back-ups Home Network UPS - 3 Outlet 120V. Low power, long runtime design:  Specifically designed to back up and protect your wireless network connection.  The BGE70 enables you to power your wireless router or modem for up to 3 hours when there is a power disturbance or outage.    Power Protection Outlets: 3 full-time battery backup and surge protected outlets. Compact Design:  Sleek and compact design allows the BGE70 to blend nicely with home or office décor. LED Status Indicators. Push-button circuit breaker. Automatic Self-Test Battery Failure Notification. Cold-Start Capable. User-Replaceable Batteries. Hot Swappable Batteries. Audible Alarms. Safety Agency Approved.

Our Price: $55.97
125VA Network Back Up UPS

APC Back-UPS Connect 90, 120V, Network backup, USB charging ports

Our Price: $72.77
125 VA Network Back Up FD

FACTORY DIRECT ONLY ITEM - APC Back-UPS Connect 90, 120V, Network backup, USB charging ports, Canada

Our Price: $72.77
300VA 150W UPS

Internet Office UPS Systems provide complete power protection for your entire computer set-up, even power hungry peripherals.   Built-in modem/fax surge protection and reliable battery backup provide optimum power protection for the Internet user's PC.

Our Price: $78.57
350VA 210W UPS

Back-UPS CS 350. Description: APC Back-UPS CS, 350VA/210W, Input 120V/Output 120V, Interface Port DB-9 RS-232, USB. Includes: CD with software, Cord Management Straps, USB cable, User Manual   Topology: Standby

Our Price: $89.72
84VA Network Back UPS 120V

APC Back-UPS Connect BGE50ML, Network UPS and Mobile Power Pack

Our Price: $118.59
420VA 260W UPS

APC Smart-UPS, 420VA/260W, Input 120V/Output 120V, Interface Port DB-9 RS-232   Includes: CD with software, Smart UPS signalling RS-232 cable, User Manual

Our Price: $135.80
450VA 280W UPS RM 1U

Same as SMC450RM1U w/ quarter long  rebates

Our Price: $169.29
450VA 280W UPS RM 1U

APC Smart-UPS SC 450VA 120V - 1U Rackmount/Tower

Our Price: $181.50
330VA UPS Omni Smart Hospital

Tripp Lite's OMNI SMART 350HG offers medical-grade UPS protection with built-in line interactive voltage regulation, intelligent monitoring and unattended shutdown capability. Hospital-grade plug & outlets, plus built-in isolation transformer with Faraday shield offers full isolation and removes common mode noise. UL 60601-1 listed as medical electrical equipment. 330VA power handling capacity supports computers, inter-networking equipment and other critical loads during commercial power failures. Line interactive voltage regulation corrects brownouts as low as 83V back to normal 120V levels, saving battery reserves for use only during complete power failures. Includes, 2 line phone surge suppression and built-in DB-9 communications port that works with PowerAlert Software and cabling to provide automatic unattended shutdown of connected network and PC applications.

Our Price: $386.09