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2 in 1 ProVoice Microphone

The ProVoice Microphone is Designed to  Meet Any Audio Need. Undirectional Wired or Wireless 2in1 Handheld  Microphone Receiver System. Reduce Background Noise and Feedback. Delivers Clean, Clear Sound that is Ideal for  Rehearsal, Performance and Recording. Built-in FM Radio. Handles High Volume Levels Without Distortion. On/Off Switch for Onstage Control. Integral "POP" Filter Reduces Explosive  Breath Sounds and Wind Noise. Includes 5ft. Cable. FM Frequency: 109mhz-113mhz. Directivity: Undirectional. Frequency Response: 100-10,000Hz. S/N Ratio: 50db. Audio Output Level: 100mv. Output Impedance: 600 Ohm. Operating Voltage: 1.5V DC. Battery Type: AA x 2 (included). Distance: 45ft.

Our Price: $17.07
Dual Wireless Microphone

Professional Dual Wireless Microphone system with two professional microphones, Wireless receiver for enhanced mobility, light and compact design, Ideal for meetings, events and karaoke, 900 mHz.

Our Price: $17.50
Clip Style 360 Microphone

Clip style Ominidirectional Stereo Microphone

Our Price: $17.50
USB Desktop Microphone

USB Desktop Microphone, Noise cancelling tech, on-off switch, Adjustable arm Windows and Mac compatible

Our Price: $18.74
MicroMic USB Microphone

The CAD Audio U9 USB MicroMic is great high quality, compact solution for recording on the go.  It features a small compact design, with a huge sound and a 3.5mm(1.8") headphone out jack for monitoring.  The 180 degree swivel and directional capsule allows for precise placement and maximum sound quality while podcasting, Skyping, Voip or recording music.

Our Price: $25.00
Cardioid Dynamic Microphone

The Cad Audio U1 is a USB Cardioid Dynamic handheld Microphone with tripod stand and 10' usb cable  allows you to record directly to your computer.  Excellent for vocals and instruments, Podcast over the internet.  Applications would best fit for Studio vocals, speech, instruments, podcasts, and desktop recording.  Hand

Our Price: $38.75
MXL Mobile Media Camera Mount

The MXL Mobile Media Camera Mount Kit turns any mobile phone or DSLR camera into a video recorder with better handheld stability and room to attach accessories. The kit consists of a bracket with two cold shoe mounts, a fully adjustable mobile phone holder, and a swivel ball head. The bracket gives you a secure hold on your phone without your hand getting into the shot. Mount a microphone or light and a camera-top monitor onto the bracket to record more professional videos. The mobile phone holder adjusts to accommodate any mobile phone and most cameras.

Our Price: $46.50
Cardioid Condenser Microphone

The CAD Audio U37 USB Large Diaphragm Cardioid Condenser Microphone with Tripod Stand and 10' USB Cable.  This Microphone provides Record studio-quality audio directly to your computer.  Excellent for vocals and instruments.  Best applications suited for this Mic are studio vocals, speech, instruments, podcasts and desktop recording.

Our Price: $65.00
Desktop Condenser Microphone

The CAD Audio U7 is a USB Boundary Omnidirectional Condenser boundary microphone with 10' USB cable.  Great for meetings and lectures.

Our Price: $65.00
U37 usb Studio Cndnsr Mic Camo

U37SE-C Camouflage. The U37 usb Studio Condenser  Microphone brings studio quality audio to your social media, gaming or home studio session. The U37 provides studio quality results recorded directly to your computer. Its extended frequency response, transient response and smooth interpretation make it excellent for singing, speech and recording instruments

Our Price: $65.88
U37 usb Studio Cndnsr Mic Gray

U37SE-G Gray. The U37 usb Studio Condenser  Microphone brings studio quality audio to your social media, gaming or home studio session. The U37 provides studio quality results recorded directly to your computer. Its extended frequency response, transient response and smooth interpretation make it excellent for singing, speech and recording instruments

Our Price: $65.88
USB Condenser Microphone

The Tempo USB condenser microphone is a lightweight easy to connect portable microphone. This microphone allows users to record vocals and other sounds on-the-go via a USB 1.1 or 2.0 connect. It also works with a wide variety of computer music programs, as well as over-the-internet communications systems such as ooVoo, Skype, iChat, and Google Talk. An integrated high-fidelity headphone output gives you the ability to monitor your recordings. Whether you are talking live through web chat or recording a vocal track on-the-go, the Tempo offers great flexibility.

Our Price: $83.13
Condenser Microphone

The CAD Audio Zoe leaps onto the scene of your USB creative endeavors with style and expression.  Aggressively reproducing audio with finesse and custom flair, Zoe debuts with the TrakMix chip that delivers precision headphone monitoring.

Our Price: $86.25
USB Computer Microphone

The MXL Tempo SK USB microphone turns any desktop or laptop computer into your personal studio. It's a versatile USB vocal microphone that allows you to record like a pro on your PC or Mac - with no other equipment. Connect the Tempo to your computer and record your vocals and either save it or mix it on the spot with Garage Band or a similar program. Unlike many USB computer mics, the Tempo features a headphone jack for zero-latency monitoring. You?ll get professional-sounding results, whether you're recording music, podcasts or voice-overs for short videos. In addition to being a quality vocal microphone, the Tempo can be used with web chat services. The silver body with black grill embodies sleek simplicity. Whether you?re speaking or recording on your computer, the Tempo provides the sound quality you need.

Our Price: $88.75
Cardioid Condenser Microphone

The CAD Audio U39 CADusb Large Disaphragm Cardioid Condenser Microphone with headphone output, tripod stand and 10' USB cable.  This studio workhorse is capable of true studio reproduction, outfitted with TrakMix headphone monitoring and a professional, robust, all metal, construction.  Applications are best suited for Studio Vocals, speech, instruments, Podcasts, desktop recording.

Our Price: $92.50
USB Pro Recording Microphone

Dual mic recording patterns. Ideal for gamers, podcasting, bloggers. Adjustable angle desktop stand

Our Price: $93.04
USB Conference Mic

The AC-404 is famous for dramatically improving voice quality on conference calls and when used in Unified Communications applications. Rugged, low profile, all-metal construction houses a high quality three-capsule array, allowing for 180-degree coverage. The AC-404 is ideal for workplaces and huddle rooms that rely on internet teleconferencing services such as Skype for Business. The AC-404 uses boundary microphone technology and built-in custom circuitry to produce smooth, quiet, and professional sounding conferences, no matter where you are.

Our Price: $99.75
MXL Condenser Microphone

The MXL 770 continues to amaze recording artists all over the world with its incredible price/performance ratio. Singers, especially rappers, love the 770 for its solid bass, as well as its upfront high-end. The MXL 770 even uses a high quality FET preamp with balanced output for a wide dynamic range. This is a perfect piece for seasoned pros or newbie musicians who want a quality condenser mic that won't break the bank.

Our Price: $101.25
Large Capsule Condenser Mic

Old school tube mellow is often used to describe the sound of the V67G. Designed mainly for vocals, the V67G combines Class A FET circuitry and a transformer/coupled output for an open and pure sound. The V67G comes through with killer vocals even in front of a busy mix and has great stage appeal with a gold-plated round grill and distinctive, vintage body. You'll be amazed by the sound this cleverly-designed microphone provides and pleasantly pleased with the price.

Our Price: $136.25
Videographer's Essentials Kit

The MXL Videographer's Essentials Kit is a microphone and mobile phone mounting solution designed for mobile videography. The bracket and mobile phone clamp accommodate a variety of mobile devices, including iPhone  and Android phones. The included impedance-matching cable connects the included FR-310 Microphone to any 3.5mm jack.

Our Price: $140.00
Bluetooth Wireless Microphone

Bluetooth Wireless Microphone, Two-way communication, up to 150 feet from the camcorder, Microphone and receiver unit are equipped with earphone jacks and Continuous operating time: approx. 3 hours

Our Price: $175.00
Wireless USB Boundary Micropho

The AC-410W is a wireless boundary microphone, similar to our popular AC-404 but with a USB receiver instead of a cable. It has the same three capsule design with the added features of a mute button and sensitivity adjustment switch.

Our Price: $293.75
GoSpeak Pro PA w Hand held Mic

Be heard clearly with the GoSpeak! Pro Ultra -Portable Amplification System with Wireless Handheld Microphone (Model VP3520). Utilizing flat panel Surface Sound Technology, GoSpeak! Pro reaches audiences  of up to 200 people; yet sets up in seconds, weighs less than five pounds and carries in a laptop tote bag. Features  Dual microphone inputs: comb  ination XLR /1/4"and 1/8" input jacks.  Separate volume controls for microphone and line in inputs.  Automatic sound limiting (ALC) avoids distortion due to over modulation.     Master volume mixing for multiple sound sources. Line in input for computer,   CD player, iPod, or for output from another GoSpeak! Pro Line - out output for recording or daisy chaining multiple GoSpeak! Pro speakers   Uses standard power cord        Specifications    . Frequency Response: 50Hz - 20Khz 3db   Line-in Sensitivity: 1Vp-p   Line Impedance: 20K ohm   Mic. Input Sensitivity: -64db 1db (0 dB=1V/pa)   Weight: 4.85 Lbs.   Dimensions: 13.4" x 8.7" x 2.6"    NXT Technology with SurfaceSound     Controls.   Power On/Off   Mute   ALC   Master Volume   Line In Volume   Mic 1 Volume   Mic 2 Volume        Package. Contents:   GoSpeak! Pro Ultra-Portable Amplification System   Wireless Handheld Microphone,    2 AA batteries,   Power Cord,   Carrying ,Audio Cable   Antenna   ,Quick Start Guide,      Warranty    1 Year Limited Manufacturer?s Warranty   .  Unlimited Customer Support.           GoSpeak! Pro (models VP3420 and VP3520) only utilize one microphone at a time. Add-on accessory microphones would be used in lieu of that supplied with these.

Our Price: $611.25