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ADSL Filters 5 Pack

5-pack of ADSL in-line filters which are used to improve the performance of ADSL modems and prevent interference of voice calls in the presence of ADSL modems or Home Phoneline Networking. The devices filter all telephone set, facsimile machine, answering machines, or other analog telephone devices plugged into one of the 2 female RJ-11 ports on the filters. The other female RJ-11 jack is an unfiltered jack which provides a convenient point at which to install an ADSL modem at the same telephone wall jack used for the analog device.  The filter isolates the higher frequencies used by ADSL modems from the lower frequencies used by analogue telephone devices, such as a phone.  The filters are plugged into any phone jack in a home or office where a telephone, answering machine, fax machine analog modem or other analog telephone device shares a line with an ADSL modem or a Home Phone line Network.

Our Price: $16.88
4 Inline DSL Filters White Box

Actiontec's universally-compatible DSL phone filters work on any phone jack and any type of DSL service. This pack of four (4) in-line phone filters should be placed on all non-modem phone jacks in your home, eliminating any noise or interference from your DSL modem.

Our Price: $16.88
USR Call Director

The USR Call Director automatically screens and routes all incoming voice, fax, and modem calls to the right equipment every time.  Reducing the amount of costly phone lines means a quick return on investment.  With no drivers or software to install, the USR Call Director is easy to use and works with any type of phone system or telephony device which makes it ideal for Out-of-Band Network Access, Point of Sale, Remote Equipment Maintenance, and many other demanding business applications.

Our Price: $125.32
4G LTE CellularMod Connectivit

4G LTE Modem fail-safe connectivity

Our Price: $141.69
4G LTE CellulrMod Connect wPoE

4G LTE Modem fail-safe connectivity with POE

Our Price: $165.30
4G LTE CellulrMod Connect w3G

4G LTE Modem fail-safe connectivity solution with 4G LTE/3G

Our Price: $188.92