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SmartSet Clock Radio

Emerson SmartSet PLL Radio Alarm Clock with .9" LED. Digital Tuning AM/FM Radio with 20 Station Memories; Easy-to-Read, 0.9 Green LED Clock Display Dual Alarm   Patented SmartSet  Automatic Time Setting System Automatically Sets Itself to the Correct Year, Month, Date, Day and Time as Soon as You Plug It In and After Every Power Interruption   Button Battery (Included) Maintains Time and Alarm Settings Displays Month/Date at the Touch of a Button Automatically recognizes DST   Wake to Radio or Buzzer Alarm   Programmable Sleep-to-Music Timer   Snooze/Repeat Alarm Digital Volume Controls Output Power : 140mW @ 10% THD Wide-Range, Dynamic Speaker Built-In AM and FM Antennas   With non-detachable AC Adaptor". Color: Black.

Our Price: $12.50
QA Alarm Clock Metal Case

Westclox 1952  Classic Alarm Clock, Metal Case with Brushed Nickel Finish, Classic Westclox Dial, Alarm, Glass Lens.

Our Price: $12.50
Alarm Clock Black

Black Timex Alarm Clock with 0.7" Red Display

Our Price: $13.13
Alarm Clock Silver

Silver Timex Alarm Clock with 0.7" Red Display

Our Price: $13.13
Illuminated 10in Clock Wht

10" white plastic frame with the latest LED Illumination. Hour & minute hands automatically shuts off during the daytime to save battery life and has high quality quartz movement. Can use low discharging rechargeable batteries. Manual set time. 10 x 1.5 x 10   Weight less than 1 lb

Our Price: $13.75
Single Wake Clock Radio Charge

RCA branded Single Wake Clock Radio .6", Blue Display, USB charging

Our Price: $13.88
WC Classic Metal Alarm Clock

Cabinet cast in pewter tone silver METAL and actual GLASS lens for trademark authenticity, Westclox Classic Model 47602 Alarm Clock sets the standard in DURABILITY and ACCURACY. With QUARTZ precision movement and LOUD BELL alarm, this piece features LUMINOUS timing hands, on demand backlight, 4 minute snooze convenience, and sturdy pedestal platform. "CLASSIC" Westclox...built like a tank but for its elegant posture!

Our Price: $15.00
SXE BT Spkr Alarm Clock Radio

SXE Bluetooth Speaker Alarm Clock Radio. 0.6"  LED Digital Display.  Connect & Stream Music Wirelessly.  Digital AM /FM Radio Tuning.  Dual Alarm with Snooze.  Sleep to Music.  Wake to Alarm or Music.  Battery Backup.

Our Price: $15.44
Tech Large Display Clock Radio

Model 80187 Westclox Clock Radio,  Thin plasma design,  AM/FM Radio, Extra large 1.8" Red LED Display,  Sleep Timer: Sleep to Radio or Music from Audio Input,  Wake to Alarm, Radio or Music,  Repeating 9 minute Snooze,  Digital Audio input for Digital Music Players (Smartphone or MP3). Requires 3.5 mm Audio cable (Not Included),  Approximate Dimensions: 6-3/4" L x 5-3/4" H x 3" W,  Approximate Weight 1 lb.,  Manufacturers Warranty: 1 Year

Our Price: $15.63
SXE Snrs Nght Lght Alarm Clock

SXE Sunrise Simulator Night Light Alarm Clock. 0.6" Digital LED display.  USB Charging Port.  Large Night-light on top.  Sunrise simulator: Simulates a natural sunrise to gently wake you before the audible alarm.   Battery Backup.

Our Price: $15.63
SXE 1.8 Lg Readout Clock Radio

SXE 1.8" Large Readout Clock Radio. Large 1.8" Digital LED display  AM / FM radio. Sleep to Music.   Wake to Alarm or Radio.. Snooze. MP3 / iPod Ready (Aux Line-in).

Our Price: $16.19
Oversized Classic 24" Clock

24" Oversized Classic Wall Clock with Marbled Case Finish, Raised Bead Case Details, Distressed Cream Dial, Flat Glass Lens.

Our Price: $16.25
20" Roman Numeral Wall Clock

Westclox 20" Round Wall Clock with Roman Numeral Dial and Glass Lens.

Our Price: $16.25
Acu 3x5" LCD RCC Alarm

Chaney / AcuRite Atomic Alarm Clock with Time/ Date/ Temperature sychronizes to the time signal from the US Atomic Clock at Fort Collins, Colorado for split-second precision accuracy. The self-setting clock and calendar are radio controlled and adjust automatically for Daylight Saving Time (DST). The bold, easy to read LCD screen displays time, month / date, day of week and indoor temperature. Display stands upright for tabletop use. One-year limited warranty.

Our Price: $16.77
Acu 2.0" LED SNF Alarm

Chaney / AcuRite 7" Intelli-Time Alarm Clock features Intelli-Time Technology to ensure that your clock and alarm are accurate even after power interruptions or unplugging. Intelli-Time clock automatically updates itself for Daylight Saving Time. The clock features a bold, easy to read LED screen, loud alarm and snooze button.

Our Price: $17.50
18" Kalediscope Wall Clock

Westclox 18" Kalediscope Wall Clock with separate Number framed colored panels and glass lens.

Our Price: $17.50
Alarm Clock DigFace wProj Time

Alarm Clock Digital Face w/ Projection Time and Temperature, Black/Silver. Projection alarm desktop clock. 3" x 8" digital alarm tabletop clock. With this clock's projection feature, you can wake up and see the weather each morning just by taking a look at your ceiling or the wall (must select button for projection). You can also easily see the time and date with this LCD alarm clock. The 2 projection sides rotate for easy use.

Our Price: $17.50
Power Bank Travel Clock

Power Bank Travel Clock allows you to charge your device on the go!  USB Charging Port, 4,000mAh battery capacity, Large Blue Dot-Matrix LED Display, Battery Level Display, Alarm, 9 Minute Snooze, Slim Design - Fits Discreetly in your Pocket.

Our Price: $18.38
ELC 12" Solar Analg Wall Clock

Solar 12" Hybrid Analog Wall Clock with Solar Panel on Clock Face extends battery life to over 2 years; Metal hands; Dome Glass Lens; 12" Silver Plastic Case; Requires One AA Battery not included.

Our Price: $18.75
14.2" Metal Clock Rt 66 Cap

Taylor 14.2"  Metal Clock with Rt. 66 Bottle Cap Design - Bold, vibrant colors are fade and UV resistant; quartz clock movement; poly resin, silver.

Our Price: $18.75
Oversized Classic 24" Clock

Oversized Classic 24" Round Large Size Wall Clock. Antiqued Case, Parchment Dial, Flat Glass Lens. Quartz Movement. Color Brown

Our Price: $18.75
12" Gauges Clock Black Frame

Timekeeper 12" Round Temperature/Barometric Gauges Clock w/ Black Frame & Black Dial, Black

Our Price: $18.75
Alarm Clock w BI Time Prjctr

RCA-branded Alarm Clock with Built-in time projector that projects the time on wall or ceiling; Large backlit color LCD display; Snooze function to easily prolong your wake-up; Temperature readout displays indoor temperature and relative humidity; No worry battery back-up.

Our Price: $18.75
White LED USB Charging Clock

White LED USB Charging Clock with Easy To Read LED Display, USB Charging Port, Alarm, 9 Minute Snooze, Display Brightness Control, Battery Backup.

Our Price: $19.13
DualAlarm Clock Radio White

Timex AM/FM Dual Alarm Clock Radio with 1.2" Green  Display and Line-in Jack - White

Our Price: $19.44
AcuRite Intellitime Alrm w USB

Intellitime Alarm with USB. The AcuRite Intelli-Time Alarm Clock features an illuminated color display with indoor temperature (Fahrenheit or Celsius), indoor humidity, clock, date, day of the week, moon phase and alarm. The integrated USB port charges compatible smartphones with 1.5 amps of power. The clock's alarm gradually increases in volume over a two minute time span to wake you up on-time and peacefully. Featuring AcuRite's exclusive Intelli-Time technology, the clock comes pre-programmed with the correct time and date. It automatically updates itself for Daylight Saving Time and maintains time and alarm clock settings, even in the event of a power outage. Temperature and humidity can greatly affect quality of sleep. The clock displays the indoor temperature with a home comfort icon that easily indicates high, low or ideal humidity level conditions for your bedroom. 72" cord. One-year limited warranty. It's more than accurate, it's AcuRite.

Our Price: $19.94
LCD Projection Clock

Westclox Digital Projection Clock with Digital LCD Display projects Time onto ceiling,  Blue Backlight, Month /Date / Day, Temperature Display, Alarm with Snooze, 12 or 24 Hours.

Our Price: $20.00
DualAlarm Clock Radio Gunmetal

Timex Large Display LED Dual Alarm Clock Radio with 2" Speaker with MP3 Line-in - Gunmetal

Our Price: $20.00
SmartSet Radio Alarm Clock LED

Emerson CKS1708 Smartset PLL Radio Alarm Clock with 1.4" Blue LED -   Digital Tuning AM/FM Radio.  20 Station Memories.  Easy-to-Read, 1.4" Blue LED Clock Display.  Dimmer Control.  Dual Alarm with Sure Alarm.  Week Indication & Choice of 3 Alarm Modes: Every Day, Weekdays Only, or Weekends Only.    Patented SmartSet  Automatic Time Setting System.  Automatically Sets Itself to the Correct Year, Month, Date, Day and Time as Soon as You Plug It In and After Every Power Interruption.  Button Cell Battery (Included) Maintains Time and Alarm Settings.  Displays Month/Date at the Touch of a Button.  Automatically recognizes DST.  Wake to Radio or Buzzer Alarm.  Programmable Sleep-to-Music Timer.  Snooze/Repeat Alarm.  Digital Volume Controls for Radio.  AUX-IN.  Crescendo Wakeup Control.  Output Power: 250mW @10% THD.  Wide-Range, Dynamic Speaker.  Built-In AM and FM Antennas.  Unit Dimensions : 6.5" W x 3.5" D x 3.0" H (Approx.)

Our Price: $20.13
9" Clock Brushed Metal Silver

Timekeeper 9" Round Clock Brushed Metal Rim w/ Black & Silver Dial, Brushed Silver

Our Price: $20.63