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3in1 Stylus 2 tips pen laser

3-in-1 Stylus Pen, Wide and Thin Rubber tips for smudge and scratch proof  touch devices, Black ink pen for paper notes, and laser pointer for presentations.

Our Price: $11.88
Journal 1 Comp w3Pro Portfolio

Livescribe 3 Journal 1 (compatible with Livescribe 3 Pro Portfolio)

Our Price: $12.83
Capacitive Stylus

Keep your touchscreen device clean of fingerprints and smudges with our sleek Capacitive Stylus. This handy tool is compatible with Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, tablets, Smart Phones and other capacitive touchscreen devices. Type, draw or simply browse through favorite applications for a more effortless, precise and enjoyable experience with your touchscreen device.

Our Price: $12.98
N Holder for NeoSmartpen Navy

N holder for Neo smartpen N2 (Navy)

Our Price: $15.83
N Holder for NeoSmartpen Grey

N holder for Neo smartpen N2 (Grey)

Our Price: $15.83
N Ring Notebk Neo Smartpen 5bk

N ring notebook (5 books) for Neo smartpen N2

Our Price: $15.83
N Prof Notebk NeoSmartpen

N professional notebook for Neo smartpen N2

Our Price: $15.83
N Assrtd Notebk NeoSmartpen

N assorted notebooks (B5 and smaller) for Neo smartpen N2

Our Price: $17.29
N Idea Pad Neo Smrtpn 5pads

N idea pad (5 pads) for Neo smartpen N2

Our Price: $17.82
Journal Lined Journals 1 2

Journal, Lined Journals 1-2, Black, 2 PK

Our Price: $21.40
Journal Lined Journals 3 4

Journal, Lined Journals 3-4, Black, 2 PK

Our Price: $21.40
Unlined Journals 1 2 Black

Unlined Journals #1-2 (Black)

Our Price: $21.40
Notebook Single Subject 4Pk

Notebook, Single Subject, Lined Notebooks 1-4, 4 Colors, 4 PK multi lingual packaging

Our Price: $21.40
Notebook Single Subject 4pk

Notebook, Single Subject, Lined Notebooks 5-8, 4 Colors, 4 PK

Our Price: $21.40
Fine Tip Stylus

CODi Fine Tip Stylus

Our Price: $21.87
Smartpen Portfolio black

Smartpen Portfolio... Stylish and professional organizer keeps your Livescribe smartpen and notebook together; an all-in-one solution for professionals on the go!   Compatible with Echo and Pulse smartpens.

Our Price: $22.85
N Notebk NeoLAB N2 Smart Pens

N Moleskin Notebook for use with NeoLAB N2 smartpens

Our Price: $23.75
ThinkPad Yoga Digitizer Pen

BTS 2014 - ThinkPad Yoga Digitizer Pen

Our Price: $26.24
Acecad DigiMemo Dig Pen P100

AceCad Digital P100 inking pen for replacement of DigiMemo Pen.  Comes with 2 ink refill cartridges, and one cell battery. (uses standard ink cartriges)

Our Price: $32.99
ThinkPad Active Pen

ThinkPad Active Capacitive Pen supports only ThinkPad S1 Yoga 12 and ThinkPad Helix models that are shipped with a notification flyer, stating that This system supports Active Pen.

Our Price: $41.98
IRISNotes Express 2

IRISNotes  Express 2-  Digital pen and USB receiver - USB cable - Batteries and ink refill - 1 Myscript Lite license - Software and drivers on CD-ROM - P&T catalogue - Discount voucher for next purchase - Quick user guide

Our Price: $89.23
5MP AutoFocus Visual Presenter

5 MP Visual Presenter (A4 size) Down-facing auto-focus lens.  Record video in real time, scan or capture images (flat or 3D), take still photos, scan and fax, project images on a monitor through your PC.   Incudes NimoStudio sw and OCR functions.

Our Price: $110.24
Neo Smartpen N2 Silver

Neo smartpen N2 (Silver White) for iOS and Android Smartphones and Tablets. Li-Polymer 3.7V 300mA battery.

Our Price: $134.30
Neo Smartpen N2 Black

Neo smartpen N2 (Titan Black) for iOS and Android Smartphones and Tablets. Li-Polymer 3.7V 300mA battery.

Our Price: $134.30
IRISNotes Executive 2

IRISnotes Executive 2.

Our Price: $144.24
AceCad PenPaper 5x8 Dig Notepd

The PenPaper digitally captures and sends everything you write or draw by using pressure sensitive, battery-free and digital pen with ink on ordinary paper to your iPad in real time via Bluetooth. With PenPaper Note App, select pen functions and view, edit, organize and share your handwritten notes on your iPad. In Windows, it is a Bluetooth tablet device supporting the Ink Tools in Microsoft Office.

Our Price: $145.69
2GB Echo Smartpen EFIGS

2GB Echo Smartpen, EFIGS - no headphones included

Our Price: $176.19
Livescribe3 Smartpen Black Ed

Livescribe 3 smartpen Black Edition. Connects to your iOS and Android devices via Bluetooth Smart (Low Energy) to sync everything you write or draw to the free Live scribe+ app. The quickest, simplest way to bring valuable information from paper onto your tablet and smartphone, where it becomes more useful. Uses your smartphone or tablet's microphone to record audio that's synchronized to everything you write on paper. Once your notes are in the Live scribe+ mobile app, you can organize, tag, play back audio and send/share notes to any of the devices you use.

Our Price: $176.19
3 Moleskine Edition Smartpen

Livescribe 3 Smartpen Moleskine Edition. The Livescribe 3 smartpen and its Moleskine  notebook elevate your writing experience to inspire all your thoughts and ideas. Simply write on the iconic ivory-colored Moleskine pages and watch it instantly appear on your tablet or smartphone. Notes become instantly more useful with the Livescribe+ mobile app when they are tagged, organized, searchable, or even converted to text. Easily add recorded audio that?s synced with your handwriting so you can relive important moments

Our Price: $300.20
Marker Pack

Includes: Four marker sleeves, 1 Multi charging cradle, 1 quick guide, 1 big eraser, 4 Expo markers (4 colors), 8 small Felt (for eraser cap), 4 big felt (for big eraser), 2 mounting plates (for big eraser), 1 USB Charging cable (1.5 m)

Our Price: $434.73