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USB & Firewire adapter

The TC-NTUF  is a USB & Firewire adapter for TC-NT2

Our Price: $14.42
PCI Parallel Serial Combo Card

This PCI 2S1P SerialParallel Combo Card turns a PCI slot into two external 16C550 serial ports and one external EPPECP parallel port  an allinone solution that gives you both parallel and serial connections while taking up only one PCI slot.

Our Price: $30.72
Cyber 2S1P PCIe

PCIe card with 2 serial and 1 parallel port

Our Price: $33.98
Serial Parallel Combo Card

The PEX2S1P553B PCI Express SerialParallel Combo card combines the functions of a PCI Express Parallel Card and PCI Express Serial Card for installation in a single PCIe expansion slot.

Our Price: $36.07
Cyber 1S1P PCIe Board

PCIe board with 1 serial (RS-232) and parallel (DB25) port

Our Price: $41.95
PCI to PCIe Adapter Card

PCI to PCI Express Adapter Card  The PCI1PEX1 PCI to PCI Express Adapter card lets you use low profile PCIe expansion cards in a serverdesktop motherboard PCI slot.

Our Price: $42.75
1S1P PCIe Combo Adapter Card

Add a parallel and serial port through a standard or lowprofile PCI Express slot  pci express serial parallel card  pci express serial card  pci express parallel card  pcie serial parallel  pci express RS232

Our Price: $46.74