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350W Elite PSU

Elite 350 PSU ATX form factor ATX 12V V2.31

Our Price: $31.67
Thermaltake Lite Power 350W

Thermaltake Lite Power 350W. A new era in budget power is born with the Thermaltake Litepower Series Power Supplies. Available in 650W, 550W, 450W and 350W models, stay protected and powered with an industrial grade protection design supporting OVP(Over Voltage), OPP(Over Power), SCP (Short Circuit) protections. Extend the reach with longer 24-pin ATX and 4+4-pin EPS cables to easily secure and manage cables like a pro. Backed with a 2 year warranty, the Thermaltake Litepower Series is the perfect power for budget seeking builds.

Our Price: $32.99
350W ATX12V V. 2.01 PSU

Basiq 350 Watt PSU - Features:  ATX12V Version 2.01 compliant, Dual +12V outputs provide maximum stable power for the CPU independently of the other peripherals.  Built-in industrial-grade protection circuitry prevents damage resulting from short circuits, power overloads and over voltage.

Our Price: $34.30
HASWELL Ready 200w TFX PwrSupp

IIn Win FULL ATX 200w HASWELL Ready power supply, 4 x SATA

Our Price: $34.30
230W PS2 AT Power Supply

This 230 Watt Replacement AT Power Supply is guaranteed compatible with Intel Pentium and AMD processors and is designed for an extra long life in personal and industrial PS2 form factor computers; 2year warranty free lifetime technical support.

Our Price: $35.07

IIn Win FULL ATX 350w HASWELL Ready power supply, 4 x SATA

Our Price: $37.28
BM 160W PSU 4CM 20 Plus

In Win IP-AD160-2 ITX12V Haswell Power,  Flex ATX full 160w power; 160w power ITX A-PFC, 20+4 pin, 4 pin CPU, 2 x SATA, BM chassis

Our Price: $39.25
300W ATX Power Supply

This high quality 300 Watt ATX12V PC Power Supply is a reliable upgrade for Intel Pentium II III and AMD K6 Athlonbased systems or replacement power supply for a broad selection of eMachines and other Gateway systems.

Our Price: $39.42
300W Haswell SFX PSU

In Win Full 300w HASWELL Ready SFX power supply. AC Input  = 115/230V. Connectors  = 1 x 20+4 PIN power, 3 x SATA, 1 x 4+4 CPU, 1 x 4 PIN FDD and 1 x MOLEX.

Our Price: $40.24

In Win FULL ATX 300w HASWELL Ready power supply, 3 x SATA

Our Price: $41.89
350W ATX Power Supply

This high quality 350W ATX12V 2.01 power supply offers a reliable PC power solution with support for modern dualcore CPU designs as well as PCI Express and SATA device connections; ATX12V 2.01 compliant features 2024 pin motherboard connector.

Our Price: $45.95
150W 80 Plus Bronze Flex ATX P

In Win 150W 80 Plus  Bronze  Flex ATX Power Supply

Our Price: $46.50
380W GREEN ATX12V v2.3 PSU

Antec's Green 380-Watt PSU just got GREENER! Higher 80Plus Bronze certified, and NO AC CORD!  By using your existing cord, you can help save the enviorment.  80Plus Bronze certified, ATX12V v2.3, APFC, Dual 12V rails, 80mm low noise cooling fan, Safety protection - Short Circuits, Over Voltage, Overcurrent and Under current.  Go Greener, with a more effiecent PSU plus smaller packaging=less waste, and no AC cord, just use your existing one!

Our Price: $47.49
300W 80 Plus Haswell SFX PSU

In Win HASWELL SFX 300w 80+ bronze power supply, 1 x 4+4 CPU Power connector, 1 x 20+4 Power connector, 3 x SATA connector

Our Price: $50.14
Pwr Supply Minuet300 and 350

Replacement power supply for Antec Minuet300 and Minuet350 cases; 80 PLUS  Bronze certified ,Dual +12V rails for increased stability, 80 mm double ball bearing low noise cooling fan,  Meets ATX12V version 2.3, Over voltage protection (OVP), Short circuit protection (SCP),Over power protection (OPP), Universal Input

Our Price: $58.05
True 300w In Win POWER

TFX In Win 300w 80+ GOLD Power Supply

Our Price: $58.72