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IR Repeater

IR Repeater - Use your existing remotes to control hidden electronics. Effectively allows IR signals to pass through walls & doors, even without line of sight access. Wall-mountable IR sensor. Easy to set up, even easier to use. No drilling or rewiring required. Black.

Our Price: $20.63
50 Watt 70v Volume Control

50-Watt 70v Volume Control

Our Price: $23.75
126W Impedence Volume Ctrl

126 Watt Stereo Volume Control with Decora Insert Knob (Cover Plate Included). White, Light Almond and Almond

Our Price: $24.99
Stand Alone Intercom Speaker

ComPoint provides a solution that works with your existing multiroom audio system or as a stand-alone intercom. The optional ISSP in-wall speaker can be combined with any keypad to provide the ComPoint system s audio. Use for all zones or zones not included in your multiroom audio system like a hallway or basement.  Color: White and Almond.

Our Price: $25.00
Digital to Analog Audio Cnvtr

Converts digital audio to analog L/R stereo

Our Price: $30.00
HDTV Distribution Amp 2 Port

2-Port Ultra Mini HDTV Distribution Amplifier, Indoor/Outdoor.

Our Price: $31.25
Speaker Selector 4 Pairs Spkrs

Speaker Selector for 4 pairs of speakers.  Use one amp or receiver to send signals to 4 sets of speakers.

Our Price: $33.75
Univ Slim Surface Mount IR Kit

Universal Slim Surface Mount IR Kit

Our Price: $37.50
Home Theater Wallplate White

The Home Theater Plate (HTP-7.2) is a double-gang in-wall connection plate designed to allow easy hookup of all the speakers in a 5.1, 6.1 or 7.1-channel surround sound system. It includes terminals for up to seven speakers, and two powered/active (low level) subwoofers. Its Decora design allows for each half to be used independently if desired, for two single-gang plates, one with 4 pairs of stereo binding posts and one with 3 pairs and a pair of RCA jacks. The heavy-duty plates support the weight of high-quality wires, and each connection is clearly labeled. The 7/16 gold-plated binding posts make for easy and secure connections, and the captured posts won't turn while they are being tightened. The 5-way binding posts have gold plating to resist corrosion and can accept the following: bare or tinned wire up to 12 gauge in thickness, pins, spade lugs, and single or double banana plugs. The powered subwoofer connections use high quality RCA connectors. Be sure to use only those connectors that are approved for audio or low voltage use in your area.

Our Price: $40.00
Speaker Selector 6 Pairs Spkrs

Speaker Selector for 6 pairs of speakers.  Use one amp or receiver to send signals to 4 sets of speakers.

Our Price: $40.25
HDTV Distribution Amp 8Port

8-Port HDTV Distribution Amplifier, Indoor/Outdoor.

Our Price: $45.00
Weatherproof Volume Control

Weatherproof Volume Control 126 Watt with standard plate and knob, 12 position switch both statdard 1x and 2x, 4x, 8x impedance matching.  GRAY ONLY

Our Price: $75.00
4 Output RCA Aud Vid Amplifier


Our Price: $76.13
3.2 Automatic AB Selector

The Russound AB-3.2 Automatic A/B Selector is an affordable solution for automatic switching between two amplified sources to a single set of speakers. This allows you to use one set of speakers in a given location for two different sources such as a television and a multiroom audio system.

Our Price: $81.25
Subwoofer Amplifier


Our Price: $83.50
Compact 2Chnl Stereo Amp 50W


Our Price: $84.13
iScan Micro 4K Scaler

iScan Mini 4K Scaler Video Enhancement System with Display Setup, Audio Stripping and EDID Editing.

Our Price: $86.88
VGA to HDMI Converter

The VGA to HDMI converter is the right solution for connecting a PC to newer monitors or TVs that do not have an HD15 (VGA) input. With an added 3.5mm audio connection, enjoy high definition video and audio. The converter is simple to use with no software or drivers required. Simply connect the converter and begin enjoying PC content on your display. This is the ideal solution for viewing PC content on HDMI-enabled monitors

Our Price: $90.88
2 Channel Amplifier

The MA2 Outdoor Receiver / Outdoor Amp / Marine Amplifier is great for a simple outdoor speaker system, such as a pair of smaller speakers on the patio or by the pool. Rated at 25 watts per channel, this amp uses an impact resistant, all-weather ABS enclosure so it can take the rigors of the outdoor climate. Other features include a built-in AM/FM tuner and a convenient iPod jack and included mini cable.  The MA2 works with any indoor/outdoor power outlets.   25 Watts x 2, Powers one pair of outdoor speakers, LCD menu and 'touch' buttons, Black satin finish, 2 Mic inputs, Includes main transformer for 12 volt operation, Includes digital 3.5mm to 3.5mm jack and AM/FM antennas.

Our Price: $120.25
AK4 Amplified Keypad White

A-K4 Amplified Keypad, White

Our Price: $123.75
2CH Dual Source 75W Amplifier

2-Channel Dual Source 75w Amplifier

Our Price: $125.00
Trulink Audio Amplifier

40W Class Room Stereo Audio Amplifier

Our Price: $132.50
ComPoint Door Sta Antique Br

Weatherproof call station fits a single-gang deep wall box.  Plated die-cast zinc cover plate mounts flush to exterior wall.  Internal microphone with automatic gain control.  Built-in amplifier and speaker.  110 punch-down connector for CAT-5 cable.  Internal relay with screw terminals for connecting to an external doorbell.  Amber-backlighted call key.  Antique Brass.

Our Price: $156.25
Dual Link DVI Mini DP Converte

Dual Link DVI to Mini DP Converter

Our Price: $158.75
Spkr Selctr 4 Pair Spkrs w VC

Speaker Selector for 4 Speaker Pairs with Volume Control

Our Price: $160.00
Bluetooth Source Kit

Russound Bluetooth source kit for C-Series Systems... The BSK-1 Bluetooth Source Kit enables a portable media player, smartphone, or other device equipped with Bluetooth wireless technology to transmit audio content to any multiroom audio system.   The BSK-1 kit can be used as a global source for system-wide access, or as a Local Source for independent use by a specific room when used with a C-Series system. Local source use with C-Series controllers provides additional automation features automatically turning on the audio, selecting the BSK-1 source input and setting the volume in a room configured as the 'Primary Zone' via SCS-C5 software.   The BTC-1x Remote Transceiver is wired with a single CAT-5 cable up to 300' allowing for optimum placement in different system environments. It also features a class 2 transciever with a 49' (15m) range and the Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) ensures high quality stereo audio.   The BTC-1 serves as a streamlined termination point for power, audio and 12VDC trigger connections to the host audio system.

Our Price: $161.25
2 Channel Amplifier

The AMP120 is a high-performance 2-channel power amp that's perfect for powering two pairs of 8-ohm speakers and you can also use it as a single-zone, rear channel amp for Dolby Surround Sound systems, or to bump up the power of your outdoor speakers.  The AMP120 also features automatic source switching.  This feature lets you connect dual sources to the amp (iPod and a DVD player).  The sources do not play at the same time (that's a function of multi-channel amps); however, the AMP120 will automatically switch sources.  So, if you have an iPod connected to input 1, then decide to watch a movie, when the DVD player is turned on, the AMP120 will automatically switch to that source. Complete custom installer feature set, 50 watts RMS per channel power amplifier with bridgeable outputs for 150 watts RMS; 2 stereo inputs with automatic priority override; 1 auxiliary output; A or B speaker selector switches; Front-panel mounted volume and balance knobs; Manual ro signal-sensing power-on; 5-way speaker wire binding posts for bare wire or banana plugs.

Our Price: $172.50
Spkr Selctr 6 Pair Spkrs w VC

Speaker Selector for 6 Speaker Pairs with Volume Control

Our Price: $187.50


Our Price: $231.38
AK6L Amplified Keypad White

A-K6L Amplified Keypad, White

Our Price: $243.75